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  1. YW/OM Nice to find a place to talk about it.
  2. Thoughts on Going No Contact (long)
  3. Stupid commercial on YouTube
  4. Family on facebook?
  5. I'm still here
  6. An Office Lunchroom chat
  7. He blocked my messages.
  8. Happy New Year to everyone in the AgelessLove community!
  9. TV and pop-culture
  10. Interesting web site for age gapped couples
  11. Documentary Series Casting
  12. Trip to the Philippines, biggest AG couple I've met yet
  13. Now Casting Secret Age Gap Couples!
  14. Starting sentences with "so..."
  15. Tips for Dating Someone Older Than You
  16. Couple with 33 year age gap
  17. Site Administrator Announcement
  18. Joe Kenda
  19. Older Men/Younger Women in Books and Film
  20. too much x x time on my hands...
  21. Well at 12:01am EDT on Saturday August 1st My fiancee will be a civilian once again
  22. Sometimes, people say stupid things.
  23. I feel like a fool
  24. Facebook malfunction
  25. Whats good to say
  26. Great to be back
  27. Anyone married???
  28. "Is that your daughter?"
  29. What kind of car do you drive and why?
  30. 52 and 21 - 4 months on
  31. omg, Lovey's ex has a "type"!
  32. Agelesslove.com Facebook Group
  33. Lame episode of Big Bang Theory
  34. Question for the Younger women
  35. Poor English on the Inernet
  36. New Site Co-Administrator
  37. First Thread...
  38. Cooling off a bit
  39. First Thanksgiving!!!!
  40. He likes my action figures.
  41. Five years
  42. Younger Women Older Men Article on Yahoo
  43. A thought on AGRs in general...
  44. people are rough
  45. September 11 13 years Later
  46. What To Speak In First Date?
  47. I offered my cousin a kidney today.
  48. One person--ONE--insists on group prayer before family events
  49. Buying A New Car
  50. House Explosion
  51. Intereting article from an old scrapbook
  52. Birthday Love for My love
  53. Technology can suck
  54. 3 positive things about your day
  55. Back From Paradise
  56. Ageist commercial on the radio
  57. So nobody is watching the World Cup?
  58. Gamers
  59. Change in Moderators
  60. The Romantic Clean Out Your Inbox
  61. So, I "blew up" my ex husband's cell phone today...
  62. Tattoos and Piercings
  63. Anticipating disapproval...
  64. Help, if possible... :)
  65. Which Game of Thrones Character are you?
  66. My om doesn't want to get rid of anything old. Help
  67. It Finally Happened
  68. See what I got for my 12 years Wedding Anniversary!
  69. How do you insert big pictures?
  70. Blatant age gap question on a game show
  71. Life Is Good
  72. random question
  73. Good Story
  74. Incidental mentions of AGR's in news items
  75. Going on a beach trip with lymphedema? Help!
  76. Societal Problems
  77. Don't take this the wrong way, but... (cute)
  78. Age Bias
  79. Happy Birthday Daphne!
  80. When can you be sure You've Found 'The One'?
  81. It seems my 2nd ex husband has a new baby, and I feel...
  82. Older men flirting with younger women
  83. Am I a bad girl?
  84. Attention pinkunicorn and any other biker types out there...
  85. Why do I gravitate to older people?
  86. New discussion in The Den: "The Story of Stuff"
  87. I love it when he's in his element
  88. My "I don't want to hear it" tantrum
  89. Happy Birthday Trolleycar and Drgnsfly
  90. Confused by one OM now confused by another! Help!
  91. Why are people so against pursuing office romances when...
  92. What might make an OM at work WANT to take a chance on a younger woman?
  93. New Project for Work
  94. Can divorced men in their 40's be shy?!
  95. Honey, I may have overshopped...
  96. How to flirt with a shy divorced 45 year old man...in the office?!
  97. Volunteering
  98. Four years today
  99. How does a 32 year old woman show genuine interest in a 45 year old colleague
  100. displaced Filipinos
  101. Sleep Differences
  102. Need help with a class project
  103. Whats your favorite date youve had with a partner?
  104. I've returned... a year later!
  105. Medical ID Jewelry?
  106. Unfriending all ****-stirring *******
  107. What does your man do for you that is special
  108. Things you do to make your partner happy.
  109. The grumpy guy won a prize!
  110. At work: am I being paranoid, or is this weird?
  111. Is this rude or am I just old fashioned?
  112. Girlfriend accidentally cut herself at work :(
  113. my man and his broken leg (saga of the stuborn man)
  114. being myself?
  115. When was the last time you updated your look?
  116. Anyone enjoy clothes shopping?
  117. Is it bad business to close early, even by a few minutes?
  118. Bridge across the ocean
  119. Quitting Smoking?
  120. Chapman's "Love Languages"--What's yours? What's your partner's?
  121. Worst movies you've ever seen?
  122. Suggestion for a movie
  123. Wish me luck--career change, kind of
  124. Studying tips?
  125. Parents that defend their kids no matter what.
  126. In AGR is the older partner really more likely to take advantage?
  127. "Well, then, stop beating your head against his wall."
  128. Happy Fourth Of July
  129. My pet peeve of the day
  130. I'm too weird to fit in anywhere
  131. Today we went to my uncle's viewing.
  132. brb Ageless
  133. What goes on in the minds of YW?
  134. Super-Duper Good Training
  135. Heartbroken. Family Cat Died.
  136. It's Our Two Year Anniversary! Yay!
  137. Which necklace to give?
  138. Does being the older partner grant us veto power?
  139. Insecurities of the Younger Partner
  140. Happy Birthday Bob's Babydoll!
  141. Happy Birthday Odd-Even
  142. Family is moving closer!
  143. What is Your SO's Ringtone?
  144. Have you ladies always liked OM?
  145. funny momments
  146. wtf is up w/the "Big TV" thing???
  147. I have an interesting, wicked awesome family
  148. Happy Birthday Thatoneperson!!!
  149. Years after a friend's passing
  150. Talking w/speakerphone on--y/n?
  151. Nicknames you give one another?
  152. Bradley Cooper Reveals 20-Year-Old Girlfriend & We Take Back Everything Nice We Said
  153. Talking on the phone for the first time . . .
  154. Visas
  155. Son 1 is home!
  156. Seat up, or down?
  157. Hello Guys we are still traveling!
  158. How's everybody doing??
  159. What Have You Done Recently That You Are Proud of?
  160. Appropriate dress in public
  161. Do You Keep a Picture of Your SO at Work?
  162. If your current relationship ended, would you want to date someone else?
  163. Marriage in Heaven
  164. Social media and the generation gap
  165. Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone!
  166. What goes on in the minds of OM?
  167. Hopeless . . .
  168. "Favorite" age-gapped phrase of the day
  169. job interview today
  170. Advice Needed - Thinking About Future
  171. More "Bad Bosses"
  172. Spanish tutor
  173. White Trash Neighbors
  174. YW, what do guys do for you to find them "weird" or "creepy"?
  175. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!
  176. What if your man decided to have plastic surgery
  177. NYT Age Gap Submission
  178. AGR's in the Biker World
  179. Motorcycle accident
  180. Secure with an OM
  181. a but of musical fun
  182. Having dreams about someone who's passed away.
  183. A little intro about me
  184. MAJOR UPDATE lol
  185. Oreos and poptarts
  186. I cant get enough of him!
  187. Sad AGR Story
  188. FYI: Lighthearted Entertainment Television Casting PM from samaram Is Legit
  189. Tactless talk in the workplace
  190. Can We Stop Generalizations about OW/YM/OM/YW Please?
  191. So many snags
  192. Two more weeks until we get on the planes....
  193. Happy Birthday Miss Muffins!
  194. Kristen Stewart = awful
  195. YW, what do you think of this?
  196. What's my age again?
  197. Happy Birthday Young Lover 21
  198. It look like It in finely happening!
  199. How protective are you of your Facebook/phone/email/etc.?
  200. Stupid mean girls from high school...
  201. Bar Awkwardness
  202. Nice story about an AGR.
  203. Moving on to a new chapter in my life!
  204. Heartbreaking story!
  205. @DaphneDescends
  206. Happy Mother's Day!
  207. Job Hunting Question
  208. Which Song Best Describes Your Relationship?
  209. Struggling with not having my best friend
  210. Depressed after Car Accident
  211. Here's how we deal with weird reactions to our age gap...
  212. Happy birthday, thatoneperson!
  213. My Husband Has A Sugar-Momma!
  214. I am at the end of my rope!!
  215. Yet Another Article about How Young People Are Too Self-Centered
  216. The best peach tea?
  217. I wrote an email to a dead friend today.
  218. New Here
  219. New Super Moderators
  220. Gone
  221. Sleeping Arrangements
  222. Valentine's Day...it's coming!
  223. Hey guys, I'm new :) looking for some advice
  224. Happy New Year!
  225. Sugar Daddy? Trend?
  226. The heard the C word I fear the most
  227. What Are You Getting Your SO for Christmas? (If You Celebrate)
  228. Good News Guys.... I AM PREGNANT!!!!!!!
  229. Happy Thanksgiving!
  230. How to capture an OM across the sea?
  231. Can you say I am proud: Twins pic
  232. Men-Ups
  233. Parking rage.
  234. update on my life (that is if anyone is interested lol)
  235. Nice Quote
  236. Age Gap Celebs? (Jim CarreyxEmma Stone)
  237. Can ANYONE give me advice on concieving
  238. Tv discussion series seeks sydney based folk in age gap relationships
  239. Being in love...what is it to you?
  240. Been a long time...
  241. Another chance at happiness
  242. Pixers and Fickers...er, Pickers and Fixers--oh my!
  243. Moving with two dogs? Help
  244. My email account was hacked, but I got a good laugh out of it!
  245. Humour on a first date?
  246. Dream Analysis
  247. Nerves on a first date
  248. Determined New Zealand YM wins case against parents
  249. Momma Drama
  250. First Dates - Been there, done that