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  1. Father Daughter Cancer bonding....
  2. The ABC's of Choosing a Suitable Partner Online
  3. Can Anyone Help?
  4. My Big Dilemma
  5. ym/racism/aggrivation
  6. Now Its My Turn For Advice
  7. tough choice
  8. I need some advice
  9. We put a bid on a house :)
  10. Solid White Diamond Earrings - Please Advise
  11. Just dropping in...
  12. VYM needs help
  13. Oh no what have I done...
  14. Woman from my church
  15. Insecurity over past relationship
  16. At what point should you reveal your age?
  17. Old Flames
  18. Need advice.
  19. Should I tell him about her real intensions and her real age?
  20. One VYM's insight on Very Young Men's "confusion"/ need for independence later on
  21. Am I that frightening?
  22. What does "friends with benefits" mean?
  23. Anyone here start a OW/YM but think it wouldn't last?
  24. Guy from my church
  25. Can I Be His Friend?
  26. Advise
  27. Such a GREAT feeling!
  28. 10 yr difference seems to bother me a bit
  29. I dont want to screw this one up!!
  30. Did anyone else see Oprah After the Show yesterday?
  31. am i crazy?
  32. Shame on US!!!
  33. I've learned alot.....
  34. 16 1/2 Year Difference: Help! :(
  35. I'm too old, it's ridiculas, and he's back.
  36. Tiny Dancers Father died ....
  37. What am I doing....?
  38. Foolish mistake........
  39. Have a prob
  40. He's not my Son !!
  41. Where's sexually speaking?
  42. Forum Rules
  43. Prejudice about AGR's...
  44. Boy was i stupid...
  45. Have you had a change for the good in your life, suddenly?
  46. So an update...
  47. The Womens Lil Game??
  48. i dont know
  49. society standarts on AGR
  50. OMG 15 months
  51. Husband dealing with Spouses Cancer - Help
  52. Life is random and so am I ...
  53. AG and LD?
  54. Have huge crush on my 24-year old dance teacher
  55. Should I work with him again?
  56. Older woman and this is my first may to december. HELP
  57. Update on Toasty & Justin
  58. ....and she said "Yes, I will!"
  59. Younger man online dating advise please
  60. Worried
  61. Marriage Photos?
  62. its over
  63. why me?
  64. Advice on this matter??
  65. The End of My Six-Year Relationship
  66. In a Jam...NEED ADVICE!!
  67. Confused
  68. Venting
  69. Stuck in the middle of a break up
  70. Are we weird?
  71. what happened? (long...)
  72. His baffling hot to cold 180
  73. Don't want to be alone anymore
  74. Dumped because it was going too well
  75. What will it take
  76. Not looking for marraige but he is...
  77. New Here...Wanted to Say Hello & Thanks
  78. advice please......
  79. hey
  80. how can I tell he is telling me truth?
  81. Sankofa
  82. Dealing with a loss...
  83. A new beginning?
  84. New Younger Man can't keep my mind off him.
  85. Are your relationships with others working??
  86. Hi All.........been away from the boards for a long while
  87. Someone smack me please, lol
  88. Advise please
  89. This should generate some activity
  90. Origins of Kissing
  91. How you guys feel about....
  92. Hello everyone
  93. ? for those who don't live with their SO
  94. Would like some help
  95. Best OW/YM Movies???
  96. Marriage Issue-need insight....
  97. Hey I'm back in the states!
  98. Is 9 years between us a big deal???
  99. Great OW/YM articles
  100. Sometimes love isn't enough
  101. Need to vent-my turn!
  102. older woman are hott!
  103. Omigosh—the gay thing?
  104. Emotional Repression Issues
  105. sigh...
  106. Common OW/YM Age Gap Questions
  107. New member needs support
  108. Confused on Physical Affection issue
  109. New and In Need of Support
  110. he said it as a joke but.......
  111. I'm Too Old
  112. OW/YM Don't be afraid.
  113. She wants to meet me so soon.
  114. Just spent the night with someone...
  115. What do you excuse because of youth in your partner?
  116. She would leave me if...
  117. For me it is over.
  118. Did I make a mistake
  119. Update on Me
  120. Feeling like a bank
  121. Question about a new relationship
  122. getting married!!
  123. Rebound- Dumb idea?
  124. ow 25/ym 20
  125. He left...again
  126. Older Lady, younger guy, married and long distance by oceans and I can sure pick them
  127. 66 years old woman obsessed with dating very young men
  128. I'm new and need advice
  129. Just Got Engaged
  130. English-Mandarin Translation
  131. I need advise - she is a generation older than me
  132. Booty call?
  133. Katrina means his family is coming
  134. What to do?
  135. Some advice please
  136. a new older woman
  137. Just had an awesome date with 39 year old
  138. No Birthday gift and jealousy
  139. age gap success?
  140. Still stuck
  141. Just Friend Trouble
  142. Another confused ym with ow!
  143. What's the hurry?
  144. tell the age difference
  145. You'll never believe it
  146. Man who meets the list or passion man?
  147. Opening the "Ex-Files"
  148. Need help with older woman
  149. Life Was Good. But The Fun Is Over.i'm Thinking Of Goin Back To Older,ex.husband.
  150. Help
  151. Are YM really so heartless?
  152. Is She Interested?
  153. Relationship Advice For Men
  154. Do you want him to want you?
  155. Leave Them Better Then You Found Them
  156. When do you know to let go ?
  157. Day 2...the pain is overwhelming
  158. are younger men fickle or looking for nurturing ?
  159. It's Finally Over....
  160. Procrastinates ----
  161. please explain to me the wink
  162. Wow I am impressed with this site
  163. Things are much better...
  164. New guy on the block.
  165. The ex is single again........
  166. Hello Im New Here And Need Advice Please Read
  167. Need Help Fast!!!!!!!!Someone Please
  168. I would have thought .....
  169. Gaps larger than (say) 18 years
  170. She's looking old -- I didn't ask for this
  171. some advice please
  172. Wow, a place for me—moral support please?
  173. how do you find an older woman
  174. Happy, but confused..
  175. "the boring footnotes to a bad piece of erotica"
  176. She told me it is over...
  177. How did you meet your OW/YM?
  178. Dumped again? Ugh
  179. When it doesn't work, it doesn't work
  180. He's Gone...Too Soon
  181. Guess Her age
  182. sorry if i posted this twice. thanks for the advice all!
  183. Need advice on older Woman
  184. Can a OW be the pursuer in a OW/YM Relationship?
  185. New (again)
  186. Am lost in the mix of love..
  187. "At different stages in life"
  188. southern Asian women
  189. New Here!
  190. My Own Issue
  191. Just can't take it, and I'm venting
  192. as can be.
  193. need help plz
  194. What should I do?
  195. Need some advice
  196. So now what?
  197. My Love
  198. I am so worried, any advice?
  199. Please Help....Need Advice
  200. hello group
  201. Inferiority complex?
  202. younger men
  203. I need some advice/support
  204. I'm so confused .....
  205. Sheezze I Hate Closed Threads
  206. Irie
  207. Meeting the parents
  208. Mixed Signals
  209. How To Get Past His Cheating? (It Haunts Me Still)
  210. Totally Confused
  211. Ok, forget my last post! I'll try this....
  212. A Break-Up, a Physical Challenge, A Question
  213. This is long but I need some input PLEASE....
  214. Kind of shaking...
  215. sex crimes and paraphilia
  216. Forbidden Love
  217. Update...She E-mailed Me
  218. I'm done ......I think
  219. I need help dealing with this, please.
  220. He can't Let go. even though Im going back to people my own age.
  221. HOW? Need support...
  222. Writing an article about age gap romances...
  223. what to say if she says she's old?
  224. what to talk about with her?
  225. so worried
  226. Situation Not Good
  227. Haven't been here in a while...
  228. Update..Not good
  229. Ashton and Demi
  230. Good from Bad
  231. raised as a child = learned behavior?
  232. Well, I think it's Over
  233. Are you the one for me?
  234. You are still the one I love
  235. Marriage as learned behavior: Can divorce be foretold?
  236. What do you like about younger men or older women?
  237. Falling out of love?
  238. Unemployed and my Time
  239. Supporting your y/m in business
  240. New to Site
  241. Age Preference Survey on the other side of the board
  242. Bob
  243. New member needing support :)
  244. Therapy and my boyfriend
  245. OW/YM He might go back to The EX..... HELP!
  246. How long does is take to fall in love?
  247. The baby issue
  248. Could she be "the one?"
  249. Going crazy and that **** biological clock...
  250. Hello! New & Losing My Mind!