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  1. Taking Charge!!
  2. I have in. No children for me
  3. Need Support
  4. itching to call him tonight
  5. Not sure I want to meet him afterall....
  6. Has your man gone through this?
  7. So my ym & I hit a "bump"
  8. Is my boyfriend spending too much time w/the guys?
  9. Started to feel more insecure
  10. My Secret Friend
  11. It's been a while...
  12. he doesn't love me anymore
  13. Newbie seeking help with an OW
  14. A New Problem
  15. Why I love this place so much!!
  16. HMM song parody a smartypants friend sent
  17. What's the point
  18. I'm engaged!!!
  19. Mothering: Out of the Closet!!
  20. asking a cashier out.
  21. Its a boy... pass out cigars?
  22. Older woman, are you intimidated by YM more than OM?
  23. Support Needed
  24. Support for our Young Adult Children
  25. How many ym's try to look more mature for their ow?
  26. Interseting Question
  27. Update
  28. What are the breaking up rules for men?
  29. He Laid It On the Line. I Caved.
  30. Emotional Unavailability and He Said/She Said
  31. Curious...
  32. we did it!
  33. Dumb site
  34. Back in the seat again
  35. A clarification
  36. Update on my ym and me
  37. need male opinions on marriage
  38. What Do I Do?
  39. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
  40. Not much to say
  41. Progress?
  42. Feeling Insecure!!!
  43. Functions with your VYM?
  44. 3 years and 4 months strong....
  45. Me again.
  46. Now Dear Margo weighs in
  47. If you read this on another post from my cheating fiance what would you say? BS?
  48. My cheating fiance is going to read this.
  49. I don't know how to recover.
  50. Persistence
  51. Unable to totally trust....
  52. a struggle
  53. Has your younger man cheated?
  54. Hello
  55. What are the challenges?
  56. my favourite quotations about older women
  57. Need older womens opinions....
  58. Mother's Day..gift giving etc.
  59. Progress to Date :>
  60. Very sad....need help.
  61. I've noticed I kill threads
  62. it just gets worse
  63. I have a question....
  64. does anyone have these moments
  65. Wow -- Its been a while
  66. Nasty comments on my age regarding engagement
  67. seeing my son for the first time in over 2 years
  68. Advice needed!!! Daughter coming home from college & .....
  69. Wow I havent been here in awhile
  70. He proposed this weekend!
  71. Taking care of my baby (long post)
  72. reality hits hard
  73. question for everyone
  74. Why OWs are wonderful
  75. POLL: Age Gap
  76. I need help, please
  77. blending your life with the responsibilities of your OW
  78. Is she telling me something? Or am i reading too much into it.....
  79. arrghh-beating my head against the wall
  80. got married last weekend! Kinda long.
  81. Do you have kids with your YM?
  82. In Life There is Always Some Good That Comes with The Bad
  83. The Dinner :>
  84. rebound backfire?
  85. Great Response to AG Inquiry!
  86. Faith in Relationships
  87. Having Trouble!
  88. The Breakup Pep Talk we all need
  89. Got the "Are you his mother" line.....
  90. Home again!
  91. I love being 43...
  92. Is he just being friendly, or is it more?
  93. Why younger men are drawn to older women
  94. New to the OW/YM world
  95. Hopefully my last post on this OW
  96. very good article on ow/ym...what do you think?
  97. Update on the engagement!
  98. A question
  99. Hey Nadine
  100. Naveen Andrews (drool) and Barbara Hershey still going strong!
  101. must be something in the air
  102. I am new, not knowing what to do on Al, so please forgive me if i erro
  103. The younger side of me
  104. Never married OW?
  105. Wow! I didn't expect such a response!
  106. Older women...:):)
  107. why a younger man will want an older woman (My reason & whats Yours?)
  108. hey I moved lol
  109. Personal News
  110. I kicked him out.
  111. 51 year difference
  112. Two Weeks In ....
  113. A Gem From AOL
  114. Taking a break
  115. So disgusted by the NYPost and Fox News
  116. Dave's dilemma
  117. marriage? is it worth it?
  118. I would like to understand Islam as it relates to relationships
  119. :(
  120. Advice needed on my OW/YM relationship...
  121. Thank you for this site!
  122. Hello Everyone (X-post from NMF, long)
  123. My YM wants to go to college...and I want to help Is there anything wrong with that?
  124. He says he doesn't want kids!! That is what he says now
  125. My son needs your prayers..
  126. Met the parents
  127. Reflections this Easter...
  128. First posting
  129. How to deal with the non communicative male
  130. A coward sending mixed signals...
  131. wen u 1st meet and feels really special...
  132. Still struggling...
  133. I am confused
  134. I'm calling off my wedding
  135. He told his parents today
  136. Contact - from NC TO LC
  137. Trying to relax with it...
  138. He found a job here.
  139. He arrives in two days!
  140. He dropped by today
  141. Well. Over...
  142. Should i bother ?????
  143. Newbie needs help
  144. cheating?
  145. Finally ...
  146. Am I NUTS?!?!?!?!
  147. Programme on BBC TV tonight
  148. Emotional investment after let-downs
  149. They pull me back in...
  150. Anyone ever run into disapproval from families?
  151. AgeGAP Stars Engaged:
  152. Interesting Age Gap news today
  153. Help with my spending addiction
  154. Regaining faith and trust in love
  155. Worried
  156. What about the little things?
  157. Turn for the worst
  158. Weird scenario
  159. Why do we always hurt (and get hurt by) the ones we love the most?
  160. The Family
  161. Advice needed urgently
  162. I ended it
  163. Introducing Myself
  164. she doesnt think she is pretty
  165. Back Again for your Wonderful Advice...
  166. New here...feeling sad...sorry long
  167. I'm having a really hard day today....
  168. Update...
  169. How is 2-3 years considered an Age Gap ?
  170. When is to much...
  171. Please Help!
  172. Hi everyone!
  173. Probably no advice can help me, I just wanted to say this somewhere
  174. She doesn't tell me her age
  175. Marriage fears
  176. Remember me?
  177. please advise me
  178. Love an OW, but we aren't together...
  179. Help...wedding questions
  180. Second Young Man
  181. It happened
  182. Financial Stability
  183. Relationship with Older little person
  184. Keep It New Or We're Through!!
  185. finally broke my heart
  186. The word "friend" coming up in dating/relationship situations
  187. Not as attracted?
  188. My oldest daughter..
  189. Out of Sorts
  190. 5 things you wish you hadn't done
  191. time off?
  192. 1 tip/advice that you would personally give!
  193. February Oprah Magazine!!
  194. Here or There???
  195. I gave him back the ring
  196. Where Do I Go From Here
  197. On the path to recovery
  198. Why am I not excited about marriage?
  199. a worst nightmare?
  200. BDSM and OW/YM relationships
  201. should I change my counsellor?
  202. Engagement Life - It's like honeymoon phase all over again
  203. I am mortified...
  204. Is she interested or should I move on?
  205. The "itch"
  206. Have Questions ? Might be just dreaming!
  207. Yep! Even greater news!
  208. New guy in need of advice
  209. Advice appreciated on separation because I'm older
  210. OMIGOSH! More exciting news!
  211. TIME TABLE FOR LOVE? When does infatuation, lust, limerence turn into real love?
  212. If...
  213. He proposed!!!
  214. Issues with Ex
  215. Interesting Article on MSN About AG's
  216. Funny Little Story
  217. He Cheated ....and worse ....now what
  218. Unconditional love
  219. How to ease his mind...
  220. Im so CONFUSED!
  221. Finally in a good place...
  222. Drifting apart...
  223. Lasting Relationships
  224. How to fight with a YM?
  225. Underhanded but I think effective
  226. Still got the same feelings and questions
  227. Relationship melt down.
  228. For when your YM says.. "I need space"
  229. another part of my story
  230. The oldest woman
  231. What his friends say
  232. Leave Strong: surviving a breakup
  233. Yet Another Breakup
  234. i dont know how to react
  235. some advice needed
  236. Time for some "support"...
  237. Hello again
  238. Communication with EX - I'm guilty
  239. "I don't think it will last forever"
  240. So Confused and Lonely
  241. On Line Dating Service Advise Needed
  242. How do you leave someone you love
  243. What next??? (need your advice thread update)
  244. Well its over
  245. Stages of a Breakup
  246. Interracial age gap relationships?
  247. What Would Your Answer Be if your YM asked you to marry him?
  248. Need some advice
  249. She called :(
  250. Should I tell her how I really feel about her?