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  1. Yearning for the younger him
  2. My Best Friend's Dad
  3. OMG I am so PO'd @ him right now
  4. 8 years
  5. i dont know what to think, seriously...
  6. Not sure where to go from here- help
  7. I love him but does he love me
  8. should it end?
  9. 44yom 21yow
  10. 23, 46 and having a rough go of it
  11. OM Worries He is Limiting Me, YW
  12. Much confusion and lots of mixed signals
  13. 40/60--When your OM wants to leave for an OW
  14. About to get married, would appreciate advice
  15. Thoughts....
  16. A situation at work
  17. The health of your OM
  18. Sad News
  19. Your Partner's Confrontation Style
  20. Asking my OM to shave...?
  21. From friends to romance... My YW/OM story so far
  22. Confused...
  23. Did I call it wrong?
  24. Stepdaughter suddenly being competitive with me
  25. Why do people feel the need to be nasty?
  26. Legal
  27. I'm just fussin'
  28. How to tell the parents?
  29. Once Bitten...Twicw Bitten, Oh Heck! I'm A Chew Toy!
  30. "I want a 'normal' relationship"
  31. Family
  32. -sighs- trouble in the relationship, his fears
  33. Wow, I am thoroughly surprised!
  34. Breaking up is hard to do...but this is ridiculous
  35. In sickness and in health
  36. Between . . . app for couples
  37. Supporting your partner's *other* relationships
  38. Moving On - Recovery
  39. I am tempted to let my ex know about his YW
  40. All the issues with a age gap relationship.....
  41. infatuation with an older man
  42. infatuation with an older man
  43. Parents don't approve of your relationship
  44. why do people stay in abusive relationships?
  45. Would a man deny his emotions?
  46. Did you feel "chemistry" when you first met the OM in your life?
  47. Weekend away together, good idea, bad idea?
  48. Anyone with a 30+ year age gap?
  49. Made a big mistake. Seek female advice.
  50. Engaged!
  51. I guess our marriage is working:-)
  52. He is 91. Should she be concerned?
  53. Update
  54. 2nd Anniversary!
  55. A Year on....
  56. Om/yw insecurities... What would you do? :)
  57. update with me
  58. Having the sex talk with his daughter
  59. i need to be honest
  60. Ever argue about money?
  61. Growing Distance
  62. help.
  63. Difference in communication & conflict styles, not to mention housekeeping
  64. Getting this off my chest
  65. She's a bit of an exhibitionist.
  66. Ideas for what to get gf for birthday?
  67. Men communicate SO differently than women do!
  68. Why So Much Hatred And Bigotry?
  69. Next Step
  70. Holy cow! Update with the Move back home! Words of advice and a little talk on Karma.
  71. treats me like a child?
  72. help with the generation gap!!!
  73. our story, battle, and what Im prepared to give up
  74. Never thought I'd find myself here..Need OM/YW help!
  75. trying to balance work?
  76. My parents hate my OM
  77. Old Habits Die Hard
  78. Frustration
  79. Wants what's best for me... So he broke my heart.
  80. Are promises always worth it?
  81. Rescuing from an abusive relationship
  82. Hey Everyone...
  83. Family
  84. I think his sons are...not at all like my sons.
  85. New here, introduction with perdicament.
  86. Lied about OM's Age to Parents
  87. So mixed up and need none judgemental support?
  88. Questions on a much OM and reading his mixed signals?
  89. worst time of my life
  90. Undecided
  91. Time flies.
  92. Progress!
  93. When he's ready to retire and you're not.
  94. insecurities
  95. 'Coming out of the closet'
  96. Over- and I've learned!
  97. Its over
  98. Hello!
  99. Age and Ethnicity Difference
  100. Why is there not much action here?
  101. What is it about your OM that made you fall for him?
  102. I'm So Mad at Him Right Now!
  103. Need help!
  104. Help...new here..a little distraught...OM/YW
  105. just friends :(
  106. In love... Need advice!
  107. Driving me slightly crazy.... :)
  108. He's Only Ten Years Older Than Me, But Mother Doesn't Approve (23 vs. 33)
  109. Different definition of common sense
  110. Feeling like he is smarter than me
  111. Oh the things you will find
  112. omg, I hope *I* don't make *him* this crazy
  113. I have feelings for my professor and need advice?
  114. His daughter is moving in with us
  115. Oh god, it just keeps getting worse
  116. supporting him/ taking care of me too
  117. Help! I've Fallen for My Professor!
  118. six months later ... does he love me?
  119. Very cliche but...I need some advice dealing with feelings for a professor.
  120. Omissions
  121. His family doesn't know about me
  122. "Let's just be friends"
  123. Madly in love with my professor..
  124. SO nervous.
  125. Talking about the age difference
  126. Advice for Younger Men
  127. Can lovers be "just friends"?
  128. It didn't last. Afterall, he does not believe in AGR's.
  129. The ex wife rears her not so ugly head...
  130. A few concerns
  131. Should I Judge My Current Relationship by His Past Relationships?
  132. Step-Kids...does anyone else have this problem?
  133. Grieving a Sudden Loss
  134. Birthdays with a Family who has written him off!!
  135. How do you deal with adult children who are absolute jerks?
  136. Life with a Junkie
  137. Bewitched, bothered and bewildered am I ....
  138. Combining Households
  139. A question for the OM here.
  140. so confused need advice
  141. Problems with insecurity
  142. Commitment (and Other) Concerns
  143. Falling for friend of my father
  144. Hi I am new and happy to have found this site
  145. Need help? New here too :)
  146. could he change his mind or should I take his word?
  147. The dreaded S.E.X. issue
  148. Fights with Mom
  149. Frustration! Got any friendly advice?
  150. His Cat is Dying and Wants Me to Go to Take Her to be Put Down with Him
  151. The issues of being the younger one.
  152. Wage Gaps Between Partners
  153. Getting Past the Past
  154. But... I love him (._.)
  155. Article about OM/YW.
  156. He forgot!!!
  157. Proper Time for Introductions???
  158. Head over heals but concerned, frustrated and feeling impatient!
  159. Problems With Friends
  160. Are older men scared of commitment?
  161. Dive right in?
  162. Mistaken for Daughter for First Time (Sigh)
  163. Can you believe this???!!
  164. Need some advice...
  165. The Big Secret..
  166. I feel so lost :(
  167. Wow this is complicated...
  168. New here....
  169. The Dark Side Of Adulthood
  170. Public display of affcetion
  171. How much angst is there in your relationship?
  172. Unconditional love
  173. My AGR has its ups and downs..
  174. Back Again
  175. Love makes me ageless!
  176. Help?
  177. Quick Into
  178. Heart-warming story
  179. Peer pressure
  180. so many questions....
  181. Does she still have feeling for me?
  182. Back for more....
  183. Apparently love isn't enough...we are over.
  184. This is going to be long. I'm quite confused
  185. OM as Friends
  186. I love him; he loves me so why can't we be together?
  187. Not Getting Along With Fiance's Daughter
  188. New here, hello from Canada!
  189. Feeling a little distant
  190. Telling the family..
  191. Trying to figure out whats going on
  192. I have no idea what to do..
  193. Love is complicated...
  194. *51 and 26*
  195. New Here; New Story;
  196. Flip-floppin!
  197. Why didn't they mention this around me?
  198. I guess I annoy the spit out of Mark
  199. I'm new, unrequited like?(lol) Need advice
  200. Help!!!!
  201. An ex with an axe
  202. New Member..My Story
  203. Told my father....
  204. Parent's response
  205. Too young to know?
  206. Commitment Ceremonies
  207. OM's adult childern and Divorce...How do I handle this?
  208. Acceptance..was it ever a major problem for you?
  209. AGRs and the Workplace
  210. Extremely conflicted!
  211. I am torn....
  212. Different attitudes
  213. It's Getting More Complicated As The Days Go On...
  214. over controlling ex
  215. The Obstacle Course
  216. finally happening but not how I imagined
  217. His inability to leave his abusive wife
  218. Okay, deep breath, here goes...
  219. Why does he say these things?
  220. REALLY need help!
  221. Most useful exceptions to the rule of No Contact for getting exgf back
  222. First trip with him to the hospital
  223. Issues
  224. Not sure what to do
  225. Some advice please?
  226. Pushing me away?
  227. Not sure what I should do.....
  228. Some help please
  229. Good news for it afterall.
  230. 36 years & 10,000 miles
  231. 36 year age gap
  232. A beautiful Czech artist
  233. Those Questions We Ask Of Ourselves...
  234. Just need some reassurance I guess.
  235. I Don't Know What To Make Of This?!
  236. Love is letting go?
  237. Quick introduction, and my story.
  238. sending him a letter...
  239. Fears
  240. Older man insecurity??
  241. Why did this shy girl get so scared?
  242. Blah I don't like people right now!
  243. Serious doubts
  244. I feel like the only one with this issue
  245. i need advice
  246. I'm back... and in way over my head.
  247. First Age Gap - and it's a big one!
  248. In Major need of some advice
  249. Son 2 met the grumpy guy
  250. Have I fallen for him?