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Thread: Why I can't leave California

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    Geo55 Guest

    Why I can't leave California

    I get very philosophical when I drink. And I've been enjoying a bottle of red wine this evening. So here I sit thinking of what's on my mind all of the time, my future retirement, plus I'm thinking of you all at Ageless Love.

    I have a great job with a utility company that I have worked for since 1976, 31 years. I can retire with full benefits on October 1, 2010. Its getting close, so after 31 years, you can understand why retirement is always on my mind. With 3 jobs I am keeping a pace that my old body just can't keep up with. My heart is no longer with the utility company. My heart is with the car club and the magazine. Plus, I have plans for retirement, my heart is yearning to begin living that new life, fulfilling those plans.

    One consideration when looking ahead to retirement is where shall I live? Which brings me to the subject of this topic. As I travel North America, I've seen some beautiful places, but never any place that has lured my heart away from California.

    I do not live in the sprawling suburb known as the Greater Los Angeles area. This is one of the things that makes living in California tolerable for me. If you are only familiar with this state from what you've seen on television and movies, you have a skewed impression of this large beautiful state. I live in a small farming town, nestled in a valley carpeted with fruit trees and row crops, nestled between two ridges of green mountains, with clean air, 20 miles inland from the Pacific Ocean. Directly bordering my town to the north is the most primitive wilderness area in North America. Yet I can drive to downtown Los Angeles in 1 hour.

    The Green State is not perfect. Living here, I am all too aware of the problems. For one thing its very expensive. But I also know the beautiful side of this state. Let me share it with you so you can understand why I can't leave California...

    My favorite drive is along California's coast on Highway 1. A trip along the coast transports you into a dreamy, tranquil world.

    I've stood amongst the oldest living things on the planet

    and I've stood next to the largest living thing on the planet

    I've seen the view from atop the highest peak in the 48 contiguous states

    When people think of Volcanos, they think of Hawaii, but California has a couple too...

    Shasta is the most picturesque

    But Lassen was the most recently active, it last errupted in 1915

    San Francisco is a charming city, as far as cities go....

    This is downtown San Francisco

    to be continued...
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    Geo55 Guest
    Lake Tahoe, elevation approximately 6200 feet, is the highest lake of its size in the US. It has 72 mile of shoreline, and a surface area of 191 square miles. Its the 10th deepest lake in the world. The bottom of the lake is lower in elevation than Carson Valley to the east! It is certainly one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Its surrounded by snow in the winter (I don't like snow), but I love hanging out there in the summer. The lake is so large that on any map of the world, or on any globe, it is plainly visible.

    body surfing the Wedge in Newport Beach

    the solitude of the pier at Ventura

    The hustle & bustle, sights and sounds of the pier at Santa Monica

    When the state flower blooms in the spring...

    Once almost extinct, the California condors are a very old species. Their habitat is located in the Sespe wilderness behind my home town, chosen because the Sespe is the most primitive wilderness in north America, and therefore the birds are least likely to encounter human beings.

    They were a common sight in the skies above my home town when I moved here 20 years ago, but one died when it became entangled in power lines in-town. So the forrestry people moved them farther back into the Sespe.

    For a sense of scale, the wingspan you are looking at is about 10 feet

    Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls

    more to come ...
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    Geo55 Guest
    Kings Canyon is as deep as the Grand Canyon

    California's Mirror Lake

    The California coast is lined with beautiful old light houses. The second wife & I had begun making a photo study of all the California lighthouses. Maybe someday I'll pick up where we left off. This is the lighthouse at Point Reyes

    Mono lake is a very saline lake, more salty than the ocean, due to evaporation. The lakes level was at one time higher than it is today, water has been diverted to supply drinking water to southern California. Fresh water percolating upward from the ground below the lake would rise to the top as it was lighter than the salt water in the lake. Thousands of years of this action formed these "tufas" rising from the bottom of the lake as a result of the minerals in the fresh water reacting with the salt in the lake water. Then when the level of the lake lowered, the tufas were exposed.

    Not too far from Mono Lake is the town of Bodie, elevation 8400 feet. An undisturbed ghost town (abandoned mining town) from California's mining boom of the late 1800's.

    And the last photo I want to share tonight, the sand dunes at Pismo Beach

    Its a beautiful state. Love you guys

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    scott2075 Guest
    Those are beautiful pics George!!!

    Nww I'm really homesick for CO!!!!!

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    Bodhi Tree Guest
    Fantastic pictures George !! thank you so much for sharing.

    My whole family lives in California. I went to college there and visit almost each year.

    So many places that I haven't see yet, and your pictures gave me great ideas of places that I'd love to see. Pete and I are planning on renting a car and driving around California. Your pictures are making me impatient now

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    bubbleee Guest

    I lived in California

    Hi Geo, I used to live in California in the early 80's. I lived in Walnut Creek (east of San Francisco) and would open my front door to see the snow on the top of Mount Diablo.

    I absolutely loved living in California. But my ex-husband had to relocate for his work and we moved back to the East Coast.

    I've been back at least a half dozen times since I left. It's beautiful!

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    Starrypup Guest
    Aww George, what I great photopictorial of home. I moved away after living there for 33 years a couple of years ago. Two more years in Seattle and I'm going back home!!

    I've lived in Orange County, Yuba City, Tahoe (Truckee), San Francisico (near the corner of Haight and Ashbury), Marin, East Bay (including East Oakland, yikes!), and Davis. I'm sure I'm leaving a few places out, as well. I've backpacked from Yosemite to Whitney, climbed Shasta, stayed in the wilderness for nearly a month at a time. You don't truly realize how much you love California until you leave, and while Washington is beautiful, its just not the same!

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    Lily42 Guest
    AWWWW.......Now I want to visit, great photos geo... Love water and mountains and nature..

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    dbexx Guest
    Wonderful photos, thank you so much for sharing.

    I had no idea California was so beautiful - you've made me really want to visit now

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    goodchild Guest
    Absolutely beautiful place George! I can see why you wouldn't want to move!

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    BellaLove Guest
    Yep!! Well done! I love calling California home. Although someday I may venture over to Brazil for some time to see if it suits me better. It is quite expensive here in CA.

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    Geo55 Guest

    The Haight

    Quote Originally Posted by zoliepup View Post
    ...I've lived in ... San Francisico (near the corner of Haight and Ashbury)...
    Z/P here's something just for you. It should bring back memories.

    The neighborhood in the vicinity of the intersection of Haight and Ashbury
    is known as the Haight. In the early 1960's American youth flocking to
    San Francisco to become a part of the "psychedelic" scene that was growing there,
    made the Haight the focal point of their lives. The rent was cheap! The Haight
    is an old neighborhood with tightly packed Victorian cottages sitting side by side.

    This was the home of the Grateful Dead band members

    This was the home of the Jefferson Airplane band members (on Fulton Street)

    You'll still find some young people living there, or hanging out. There are some
    hippies who never grew up too. Merchants have capitalized on the neighborhood's
    past and have made it somewhat of a tourist attraction. The neighborhood
    has a sense of community.

    The Victorian cottages today are in various states of repair, some are marvelously restored.

    Smoe owners have chosen to paint their cottages in brightly colored paint, harkening
    the days of flower power and psychedelia.

    Some cottages are works in progress

    take care, George

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    larasteele Guest


    Thank you so much for sharing your lovely photos! You almost make me want to run away to Cali!

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    George you are teasing me!

    My fiance's entire family is from Santa Ana, CA. I've wanted to move there so badly but it's too difficult for us. To move there we would have to adjust from paying 700 a month in rent to paying 1400 a month in rent. Our pay scales would not increase and we would make the same there that we make here. It's just not feasible.

    I can't put our family into that type of financial situation no matter how I long to be there.

    Fix the housing prices there for me please?
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    Harrison Guest
    Beautiful pictures, Geo! Truly Outstanding!!!

    But, as others have mentioned, those of us not blessed with a trust fund - or the skills to earn the equivalent thereof - will have to sit out the party. I find California to be beautiful and wonderful to visit and oppressive to live and work in.

    Our present property - if situated in any decent neighborhood in the S.F. Bay Area - would easily top $1m.... which is completely and utterly ridiculous IMHO.

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