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Thread: Christmas?????

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    goodchild Guest


    So I was having my nails done this afternoon, when a Christmas carol began playing on the radio and my nail technician said Christmas is the worst time of year for her. So everyone chimed in giving their explanation for why Christmas is no longer special for them.

    The main sentiment expressed was the materialistic nature of the holiday. They feel that Christmas has lost its spiritual value and its only a time for the retailers to drain consumers' pockets.

    While I agree that Christmas has become a retailer's dream. I still look forward to Christmas and it remains my favorite time of year. A time for giving and sharing; a time for family and loved ones; a time to reconnect with your maker.

    I can't wait to have tiny hands around to help me decorate the tree and to feast at my table

    What does Christmas signify for you? Doing anything special this Christmas season?

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    Christmas bums me out. Mostly because it's in winter and winter bums me out.

    I just hate having everyone be all fakey nice because it's the holidays! Blah.

    I do get excited on Christmas eve/day. I love the Christmas story and I love spending time with the people who are important to me.

    Everything else sucks though. I heard an xmas song on the radio the other day!!! It isn't even thanksgiving yet!!!! Boo.


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    lynn59 Guest
    When I was a kid...the season started after Thanksgiving. It was about snow and hot chocolate and going caroling and baking cookies...some simple decorations and a real Christmas tree and a few special presents and having family and friends over for get togethers and dinners.

    Now it seems Christmas is just totally cheesy and overdone, there's nothing special about it. It has been taken over by the retail market and the media shoves it down our throats to the point of being totally turned off by it all.

    Remember when you would wait with anticipation for It's A Wonderful Life, or Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer or The Grinch or any of those special movies to come on? Well now you can watch them any day of the year, and isn't It's A Wonderful Life on about 20 times a day around Christmas?

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    Geo55 Guest

    Everyday is Christmas!

    Christmas is all about children living in wonder and anticipation. For adults its parties, being very busy, and depleting your bank account.

    I think its great that kids are allowed to have their wonder and anticipation. But the darn holiday has become way too commercial.

    I encourage my extended family to stay at home on Christmas day, spend it peacefully, stay off the roads, let the kids open their gifts and enjoy them. Try and feel like a family. Unfortuantely, some adults spoil it by demanding to spend time with their adult kids. So the children are separated from their gifts, stuffed into cars, and driven all around town.

    In lieu of a large family gathering on Christmas day, everyone is always invited to spend New Years at my place. I have a comfortably large home set up for entertaining. Big screen TV for the football games. Large barbeque to cook up food for a large group of guests. Big patio. Hot tub. Whatever people want to do.

    There is a motto at my home, EVERDAY IS CHRISTMAS.

    When I visit the homes of people with small children, I always bring gifts for the little ones. They'll ask why they're geting a gift, because its not their birthday or Christmas. I always tell them, with me EVERYDAY IS CHRISTMAS. As you can imagine, kids are generally pretty excited to hear I'm coming to visit!

    Anytime guests show up at my place, its time for a celebration, a party. I always have food ready to feed a group. Sodas, chips, beer & wine. Steaks or tri-tip. Hors-d'oeuvres. I keep gifts & cards & wrapping paper stuffed in a closet. We can celebrate around here on a seconds notice. No problem. People come and go here at will. Nobody knocks on the door. If you are a friend, you are automatically family, the door is always unlocked, the kitchen is always open. Everyone is told to help themselves. People getting together, enjoying each other's company, sharing good food and a little conversation.

    As a matter of fact, I have to go barbeque some steaks right now.

    Everyday can be Christmas. Its all about bringing a little joy into the world.

    luv you all

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    goodchild Guest
    OK George! Get everybody out the hot tub! I'll be over in a minute

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    BaseballStar91 Guest
    I love Christmas! Its my favorite time of year (besides the summer)
    Going to parties, seeing Christmas shows/specials, Christmas movies, decorating the house and Christmas tree I just love it. I always get into the spirit!

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    psalmseightysix Guest
    Ugh. Don't get me started. Too early for Christmas. I wrote a whole column for our newspaper about it.

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    Geo55 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by goodchild View Post
    ...OK George! Get everybody out the hot tub! I'll be over in a minute...

    Goodchild, you have a lifelong inviatation, the door is always open!

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    RnKyh Guest
    I havent been a fan of Christmas since 1983.... my dad died a week before Christmas that year and was buried 2 days before.....

    After I had kids, I tried to get back into the spirit for them and did that they are 18 and 16, the anticipation and excitement isnt there anymore. They usually go to my ex's house on Christmas day and we do our thing on Christmas eve..... since I am a nurse, I usually work on Christmas day since I would be home alone anyway.

    I just dont like the materialistic side of it, the reatailers making tons of money and taking the whole meaning out of it.

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    I love Christmas and try to celebrate the true meaning of it. Unfortunately it's become so commercialized and such a stressful time for many people. I always try to look at Christmas eyes with quiet reflection and joy.

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    PinkPanther_04 Guest
    Most of my extended family are non-Christians, so we celebrate a very secular version of Christmas. We usually do a "dirty santa" gift exchange where everyone makes some kind of ornament or decorative Christmas- or winter-themed thingy. It's pretty fun, especially when there are a few things that everyone wants and they keep getting stolen. And then we eat a lot and drink and accidentally spill wine on the carpet and sometimes play Texas hold-'em poker. It's good stuff.

    And I have to see A Christmas Story at least once every year or I'll shoot my eye out.

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