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Thread: Unforgettable reunion between a Lion and its rescuer

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    Geo55 Guest

    Unforgettable reunion between a Lion and its rescuer

    Please read this background story before you watch the video:

    The woman in this video found this lion injured in the forest, near death, and rescued it.

    After nursing the lion back to health privately, she made arrangements with a zoo to give the lion a new home.

    After a period of time the lady went to visit the lion for the first time in its new home, at the zoo. This video was filmed to record their reunion. What happens will touch your heart !!!!!

    Unforgettable Reunion

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    Awww, that is so sweet.

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    PinkPanther_04 Guest
    That's really awesome! It doesn't surprise me a bit, either, considering the behavior of some big cats I've known.

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    miu Guest
    TinyDancer should see this video! I wish that woman could have a ranch and live on it with her lion.

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    tinydancer Guest
    I saw it!!!
    It is awesome......I hope more and more of these articles/videos come out.
    A picture really is worth more than 1000 words!
    Yes, she should have a should I.....a very large one!!! LOL
    Am taking in 2 Amazon parrots next week and then a couple of macaws....I have a full house lol.......but the gratitude and love they learn is worth it!
    Blessings, TD

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    scott2075 Guest
    That was very nice. It is amazing how animals remember people like that.

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    goodchild Guest
    Simply amazing!

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    coloradogrrrl Guest
    I'm a complete animal lover, and I think I watch this video 50 times in a row. How heartwarming the love between man and beast. This is incredible, thankyou for sharing the love.....

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    that was amazing.

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