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Thread: for my friends

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    Geo55 Guest

    for my friends

    beautiful songs for you to enjoy

    Unchained Melody


    The Last Farewell

    always take care

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    goodchild Guest
    Thank you George! I really like Elvis Presley!
    You have a beautiful heart George! I hope the people in your life recognize that!

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    grumpysgirl Guest
    OOOH george love unchained melody! I sing that ...thanks veryyyy nice of you!

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    Angel's Avatar
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    I wish I could say more George.

    I am always told that I am good with words, yet somehow I feel like my words have failed me and in turn I have failed you.
    there before the threshold, I saw a brighter world beyond myself

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    Starrypup Guest
    Hey George... that's cool. Thanks for sharing!

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    scott2075 Guest
    My response......

    It's a little mushy, but you get the meaning of the song.....Everybody needs ya!!!

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    larasteele Guest
    Where is George?

    Haven't seen a new post from him since this one. Anyone heard from him?

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    scott2075 Guest
    I have. He's alright, you all, send love his way!!!!

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    Geo55 Guest
    KC and the Sunshine Band, awww, that's not mushy.

    I'm here sweetheart. Thank you KS.

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