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Thread: Where Are The Batteries?!

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    Guess Who! Guest

    Smile Where Are The Batteries?!

    Decent Hostess, your "No sex for two weeks" topic in the
    sexually speaking forum brought to mind an old joke I
    thought might put a smile on a few faces.

    A grumpy looking female customer walked into a Radio
    Shack store, stomped across the showroom to the clerk,
    interrupted his conversation with another customer and
    impatiently asked "where are your batteries?"

    The clerk excused himself with his first customer, smiled
    at the impatient lady and replied "Hello ma'am, I'll be glad
    to show you the batteries, they're one isle over, come this
    way" as he motioned with his hand for her to follow him....

    The grumpy lady gruffly replied to the clerk "If I could
    come THAT way, I wouldn't need the flippin' batteries!"

    Guess Who!

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    Harrison Guest

    Good one!


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    grumpysgirl Guest
    Rofl!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love It!

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    goodchild Guest

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    Inahnia Guest
    Hehehhe! cute one

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    grumpysgirl Guest
    I ask where the batteries are alllllllllll the time

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