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Thread: Superman

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    Geo55 Guest


    For very personal reasons I am very glad the legend/story of superman has been passed on and embraced by the younger generation.

    Maybe someday I'll share those reasons with my friends here. I'll have to either be drunk or feel very secure.

    In the mean time I Am Superman

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    I hope you do feel comfortable enough one day..because you definitely have me thinking of all kind of nutty explanations in my head!!!

    I love Superman! I remember getting all excited to see Christopher Reeves play in the movie when I was a kid, and how much I loved the part where he took Lois Lane flying.... I must have been a romantic, even back then!

    Even before that, I remember my cousin reading Superman comics, and even though I wasn't even old enough to read, I would sit there and pretend I was reading it (just looking at the pics).... to be "cool". LOL

    Plus, Superman is just so dang good looking!!!!
    What lies behind us, and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.
    ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~

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    Geo55 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Jo-Admin View Post definitely have me thinking of all kind of nutty explanations in my head...
    If you think its because I like to run
    around in blue and red tights you are

    If you think its because I have the hots
    for Erica Durance (the new Lois Lane) that's
    not my reason either. But she is the best
    Lois Lane yet. I like the fiesty look in her eyes.

    You'll have to wait patiently for the explanation...

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    Geo55 Guest

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    Geo55 Guest
    The Superman story is made legendary by the romance between Superman and Lois Lane...

    Lois Lane - Time

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    Geo55 Guest
    Erica Durance has had the good fortune to have her
    Lois Lane character developed more fully than any
    Lois Lane before her. This feisty, stubborn, determined,
    courageous, resourceful and sexy Lois has become a
    favorite of the Smallville audience. Ms Durance has done
    a great job of acting the part and bringing the character
    to life.

    She's Not Just A Pretty Face

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    Geo55 Guest
    The Superman legend has broad appeal
    to several audiences.

    One segment of the Superman audience
    are those who enjoy Sci-Fi, action and
    Super Hero stories. They are drawn to
    Superman by his super-human abilities.
    What dreamer among us hasn't wished
    they could fly like Superman?

    Another segment of the Superman audience
    are those who enjoy a good cliff hanger story.
    Like the cliff-hangers of the old serial movies,
    each new episode or comic will find someone
    in danger requiring a last minute rescue by
    Superman. Quite often the person in danger
    is Superman's love, Lois Lane.

    A third segment of the Superman audience
    are those who enjoy a romance story. At the
    center of the Superman legend is the romance
    between Clark Kent and Lois Lane. This audience
    expectantly awaits each new episode or comic
    to discover if the love between Clark and Lois will
    take them to a new place, and take us along
    with them. Hopeless romantics are we!

    Let Me Take You There

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    Geo55 Guest
    Superman has been portrayed in film by Kirk Alyn in
    the Saturday Serials; Christopher Reeve and Brandon
    Routh in the movies; and George Reeves, Dean Cain &
    Tom Welling on television.

    Judging from the internet the current favorites are...

    Chris Reeve, Superman the Movie ...

    Tom Welling, Smallville ...

    Brandon Routh, Superman Returns ...

    This Superman Tribute Video shares some special
    moments from the films of these 3 actors accompanied
    by the song Kryptonite by Three Doors Down
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    Geo55 Guest
    Without Lois Lane the Superman Story would not be legendary.
    So it goes without saying that the actress playing the role of
    Lois Lane is as equally important as her leading man.

    Margot Kidder played opposite Christopher Reeve

    Erica Durance plays opposite Tom Welling weekly in Smallville

    Kate Bosworth plays opposite Brandon Routh

    The tribute video in my last post lacked any good footage of
    Lois Lane's part. So I went hunting for another Superman tribute
    and found this gem. It includes scenes of whimsically funny
    interaction between Clark and Lois, plus one of my all time favorite
    action scenes, Tom Welling disarming a nuclear missle in flight;
    accompanied by the theme to Superman the Movie, by composer
    Johm Williams. I think you'll enjoy it.

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    Geo55 Guest

    About Christopher Reeve

    Chistopher Reeve Sept 25, 1952 - Oct 10, 2004

    Christopher Reeve was cast in the leading role of Superman the Movie which debuted in 1978,
    and its sequel Superman II which debuted in 1980. He starred in two other sequels: Superman III
    (1983) and Superman IV (1987) but those movies are better off left forgotten.

    He did a wonderful job portraying the man of steel, and became Superman for a whole new generation.
    However, what won the hearts of people the world over was the courage, humor, grace and hope he
    exhibited after his paralyzing accident in May 1995. He showed the world he was a true Superman,
    he lived up to the image of the character he had portrayed, and won the love of people the world over,
    both Superman fans and non-Superman fans.

    Its only fitting that I post a tribute to him in my thread about Superman. Please follow this post to
    the bottom because there is more information about Christopher Reeve and his legacy to the legend
    of Superman.

    That's Dana Reeve, Christopher's wife, in the red dress.

    Christopher Reeve's star in Hollywood

    Christopher Reeve and Smallville

    Unless you are a fan of Smallville you will not be aware that Chris Reeve's last two acting roles
    were as the reclusive astronomer Dr. Virgil Swann in the second and third seasons of Smallville.
    Chris Reeve's first guest appearance occured in February 2003 during the shows second season.
    Chris Reeve's second appearance on Smallville
    occured in May 2004, just five months before his
    death. The comments of Chris Reeve, Tom Welling, the producers and director are featured in a
    documentary about Christopher Reeve guest starring on Smallville. Their thoughts about the
    significance of Chris Reeve passing the baton to Tom Welling and Smallville are touching. If you
    are sentimental like me, be prepared to shed a tear or two while watching these three short videos.

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    Geo55 Guest
    I am not alone as a fan of Superman....

    Jerry Seinfeld is a fan as well. He did a couple
    of internet based commercials for American
    Express with superman as his costar, no kidding,

    Seinfeld & Superman interview

    A uniform used to mean something

    Hindsight is 20/20

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    Starrypup Guest
    And I'm sure you know that there is a Superman in every Seinfeld episode!

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    Geo55 Guest
    Superman first appeared in the comics in 1938, the story & legend
    of Superman is in it's 70th year. So what is it about superman
    that has turned this comic book story into a Legend and American

    The Superman legend has been accused by its detractors of being
    about nothing more than a big boy scout who wears his red
    underpants on the outside of his clothes.

    The appeal of this story to children which spans generations is amazing.
    Adults (or perhaps children who refuse to grow up), like myself, are fans
    of this legend and are not afraid to admit it. Amrerican GIs in world war II
    carried Superman comics with them over seas and onto the battlefield.
    Surprisingly as well, a lot of females are fans of the Superman story.
    This thread has 300 views as I write this post. One of the most often
    viewed threads I've done!

    The Superman story is about a man who grew up in rural America with
    rural American values, helping people and fighting injustice in the big
    city. Its about being loyal to friendships.

    Its about never losing hope that right will prevail. Its about conquering
    adversity with determination. Its about setting aside self interest in the
    pursuit of helping others.

    Its about setting a good example, and each persons repsonsibility to his or
    her fellow man. Its about discovering yourself through adversity. Its about
    courage, being true to yourself, doing what's kind and just, shunning self
    interest, greed and injustice. Its about each person doing their part to oppose
    injustice, each person doing their part to help their neighbor when its
    within their power to do so.

    Superman was always loyal to his love for Lois Lane, even when that love
    was unrequited.

    These things are very appealing to the best side of human nature. The Superman
    story brings out the best in us. It appeals to the dreamer, the idealist, the visionary.
    Human beings have a capacity for great good, if they are lead to rise above self
    interest. This story sets such an example.

    While a small child is watching Superman on television or the big screen,
    there is a lot of good moral values they may soak in along the way. This
    story is all about the moral fabric of America. I am glad that in todays
    world a story with the morals of this story is still relevant, loved by young
    people, and popular. It gives me hope.

    Jo Admin, are you still with me, are you ready for your answer?

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    tinydancer Guest
    Geo, just wanted to tell you that you seem like such an awsome man.
    Should have said that a long time ago lol
    Blessings, TD

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    Geo55 Guest

    Jo Admin's answer

    The Adventures of Superman was a 1/2 hour television series with George Reeves cast in the starring role as Superman / Clark Kent. The series lasted 6 seasons from 1952 to 1957, and produced 104 original episodes. By 1961 the television series was in syndication around the world, in southern California where I grew up, re-runs of The Adventures of Superman were shown weekday afternoons, Monday through Friday, on local television.

    There was never a time in my life, as far back as my memory will allow me to go, that I wasn't a Superman fan. It is the television series I grew up watching as a small boy.

    My life as a child was not a safe place. It was a terrifying place. My father was not someone I admired, he was not a role model for me, he was someone I feared. I was a battered child.

    Although it was not a conscious decision on my part, The Adventures of Superman is where I daily escaped the terror of my childhood, into a fantasy world where good always prevailed, people in danger were always rescued, where the starring characters were kind and caring; it was a world much safer than my own. Clark Kent / Superman was someone I could admire, a role model to replace my father; and he became my role model.

    While all my friends experimented with drugs and alcohol in the late '60s and early '70s, I was spared that experience. I had no need to turn to substance abuse to escape the emotional issues my friends were escaping; I had found my escape years earlier in the Adventures of Superman. I have never had a substance abuse problem, although substance abuse is a common malady for abused children like me. This I owe to the Superman story.

    The moral fabric of America, all the values ingrained in the Superman Legend, has been incorporated into my personality as well. The values of rural America, to be loyal to friends, to have hope that right shall always prevail, to conquer adversity with determination, to set aside self interest in the pursuit of helping others, to be responsible for setting a good example, to be responsible for my fellow man, to discover myself through adversity, to be courageous, to be true to myself, to do what's kind and just, to shun self interest, greed and vanity, to do my part to oppose injustice, to do my part to help my neighbor when its within my power to do so, to be loyal to those I love.

    I learned that human beings have a capacity for great good, if they are lead to rise above self interest. I also learned that it is my responsibility to set that example. I learned to look upon the human race with compassion as a caretaker, to take responsibility for the condition of my fellow man, to do what I can to help or protect everyone.

    I learned to be a man’s man, the way George Reeves portrayed both Superman and Clark Kent, ready to play tag with the bad guys, but at the same time kind and gentle with women and children. I also picked up George Reeve’s sense of humor.

    I am personally glad the Superman Legend has continued to survive through the television series Smallville and the Superman Returns movie, because the Superman character has continued to be developed, especially in the Smallville television series. The development of Clark Kent / Superman and Lois Lane characters has sparked development in me as well.

    As an adult I no longer "need" a fantasy world to escape into, but I do “enjoy” escaping into the fantasy world of Smallville and the Superman movies, I still find relaxation during the time I spend there, it will always be a comforting place for me.

    Finally, I am glad the Superman Legend has survived and been embraced by the younger generation because I know if it provided a place to escape the terror of my childhood it shall do so for others, if it saved me from turning to substance abuse it shall do so for others, if it has ingrained in me moral values that has made me a strong, moral and caring man it shall do so for others.

    Since Superman was my father figure, and as the saying goes “the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree”, you could say in a spiritual way … I am Superman . (this video is cute)
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