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Thread: Good Bye

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    Geo55 Guest

    Good Bye

    the male gender is not given equal respect here

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    Mishigas73 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Geo55 View Post
    the male gender is not given equal respect here
    Maybe I'm in the minority "here", but I don't look at age, gender, race, religion...

    I look at people.

    Sorry to see you go. But, honestly, if that's the way you feel, just go. Online forums aren't worth it if you feel like you do.

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    Lily42 Guest
    I guess I did not know that, I am very very sorry to see you leave.. I try to also just to think of people as people online, not so much gender..
    I hope you will keep in touch- you have been one of my heroes.. for sure..


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    JennyJen Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Geo55 View Post
    the male gender is not given equal respect here
    I guess another reason to be thankful I was born female...this and less body hair!

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    Starrypup Guest
    I'm so sorry... I don't want you to go. I've really enjoyed getting to know you here. You are a voice of reason, and you are so kind and caring.

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    TALLBLONDECUTE is offline Here I am...
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    Sorry to see you sudden departure. I do not know what happened but I am respecting your feelings, and I always validate other people's feelings...

    You should not go, it is great to have a man's opinion around here!

    Please reconsider staying.
    *Disclaimer, please consult an attorney of your choice, this is not legal advice.

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    windrushed Guest

    dont go!

    I have always enjoyed reading your posts. As has been said your posts are caring and intelligent. You will be missed George. Please change your mind.


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    goodchild Guest
    Unbelievable! George your presence has been a blessing to the lives you've touched at this forum. Please reconsider

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    ~Guinavere~ Guest
    I too hate to see you go. We don't have many men around here to keep things in some sort of balance. It's always nice to have another perspective on things.

    I am not sure what happened to make you want to leave, but I do respect your feelings.

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    elizabeth tudor Guest
    the male gender is not given equal respect here
    can you quote some examples? was it something personal, or generalized?

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    Rozie Guest
    This surprizes me and saddens me. I so enjoyed your pictures of your grandson! I do agree we need more of the male voice here.

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    joelstrouble's Avatar
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    Mod note:This thread is closed! If anyone like to say something to George they can send him a PM!

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