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Thread: Ok, so maybe Mishigas won't be going to KFC anytime soon....

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    Mishigas73 Guest

    Ok, so maybe Mishigas won't be going to KFC anytime soon....

    Sunday morning. Football playoffs. Mishigas forces herself out of bed. She comes into the living room, puts on the TV and makes a pot of coffee.

    Before enough for a cup has come through, she looks out her living room window at the grayness of the morning.

    "Yup, another typical...". Oh wait. What's that she sees about 20 feet from the window? A rather large, white, fluffy...CHICKEN.

    A quick shutting of the eyes and shake of the head. Eyes open again. Yup, there's a chicken. Right by the HUGE bush that Mishigas had picked blackberries from several months before.

    Nah, this wasn't right. But, there was no thought about it again until later in the afternoon when she saw a couple of guys from the management company prodding by the bush.

    "Erm, looking for the chicken?", Mishigas called from the window.

    "Yup, and we think she went over there", he said, as he pointed to the next group of buildings over.

    "Good luck".

    *Fast forward to the next morning*

    Mishigas is sitting on the couch, drinking her coffee, and takes a look out the window. Sure enough, there's the chicken again, in the same place she was the first time.

    Hmmm. Interesting. This chicken had these men believing that she had gone over to the other buildings, but she was in that bush the whole time. Smart bird she is. She found the people who leave food out for their cat, and knows to hide in the blackberry bush.

    And, relief. At least Mishigas knows now she's not seeing things. Yes, there IS a chicken running loose in the suburbs of Seattle.

    *Fast forward to this morning*

    It snowed a little last night. A couple of inches (a couple more in centimeters). But, enough to see what had happened at about 7:30 this morning. Footprints, and chicken prints. They're STILL trying to get this bird.

    "Ah, well," Mishigas thought, "I hope that they'll put her in a farm or something, she deserves it".

    And, as Mishigas sat down on the couch at about 8:30 and once again looked outside....

    Sure enough, little ms chicken was AGAIN at the cat food dish on her neighbor's porch.

    At this point, Mishigas is ready to print up "run chicken run" t-shirts and pass out foam "hands" in the shape of a rooster's comb to the neighbors.

    After being out all day, Mishigas came back, and had the ubiquitous, "dangnabbit, I don't have any milk in the house moment" and had to go out again at about 8:00.

    As she made her way to the car, she looked to her left and saw two men, dressed in dark clothing with flashlights coming around the side of the building. Maybe she's been living in the Pacific Northwest for too long, but her initial reaction was NOT one of fright, but to ask, "erm....the chicken??".

    Uh-huh. Apparently, one of her neighbors doesn't like ms chicken.

    The city has been called. And, Mishigas has been assured that this chicken will not be harmed in any way.

    And, frankly, she's still rooting for the chicken.

    This is one smart bird.

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    scott2075 Guest
    I love this story and the way it is written. lol. Nice.

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    Mishigas73 Guest

    I feel strongly about this bird.

    Aside from the fact that it's been a long time since I've lived in a place where this would actually happen, I just enjoy the fact that she's "doing her thing", and hasn't been caught. It makes me smile.

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    whiterose's Avatar
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    Hehe cute summary Mishigas. I hope the chicken has many days of freedom before they catch her, but that she isn't hungry in the meantime.

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    Angel's Avatar
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    I love this thread too.

    Go chicken! I was going to suggest naming her, but then I thought, I bet she's so smart her name even eludes us.

    I look forward to more adventures of chicken.
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    Geo55 Guest
    Pretty funny Mish

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    Strwbrries's Avatar
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    Go chicken go! Ill second that. My mother had a chicken for a pet, it thought it was a cat and would sleep with our Cat Mony. WHY did we have a chicken, well someone gave me a baby chick for easter. Theyre very smart and loveable, unfortunately another cat killed it.

    So go chicken go!

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    PinkCat's Avatar
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    OMG, brilliant story, love it! Run chicken run! I'd buy a shirt. How sweet, that is one smart chickie. Er... chicken.

    Lesson learned: do not attempt a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent.

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    Kristin's Avatar
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    Great story!!

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    RebeccaSue Guest
    Take that bird in! She wants YOU to be her fowl-mama!

    I have an "outdoor" bowl of food for any hungry critter--get lots of interesting visitors!

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    Greeneyedlily Guest
    Run Chicken! Run!!!

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    Mishigas73 Guest
    As of about twelve hours ago, she's still around. As I was sitting having my coffee this morning, she was dining on some kitty chow on my neighbor's porch.

    I'll probably check tomorrow before I leave for Canada what the story is with the city coming in to catch her. This can't be good for her, and I'd hate to see her get attacked by a dog or something.

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    whiterose's Avatar
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    Aww, poor chicken. I hope she will be alright.

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    KKMarie is offline Member
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    Any update on the chicken?


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    Inahnia Guest
    Yes please! Is the chicken still free??

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