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Thread: Wooo Hooo!!!

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    Geo55 Guest

    Wooo Hooo!!!

    My #2 son Jon, whom I haven't seen in about 7 years, whom I haven't spoken to in about 3 years, is in southern california.

    I'm on my way to pick him up in Rancho Cucamonga, he's going to spend a couple of weeks with me.

    Makes a fellow want to DANCE! ... enjoy the 22 second video!

    luv you all ... George

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    KKMarie is offline Member
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    Apr 2004
    Awww...George, that is nice!

    I hope you enjoy your visit and have fun catching up.


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    coloradogrrrl Guest
    That is just ******* wonderful!!!!!! Such an uplifting story. I have a grown son myself and totally feel the euphoria with you. Awesome!
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    Starrypup Guest
    Congrats and enjoy!!!

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    esjayo Guest
    Woohoo George, have a great time.

    Loved the video.

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    Geo55 Guest
    Hey everyone, this is Jon. We've got some catching up to do.

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    Greeneyedlily Guest
    Oooh look at those handsome guys! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree George! Glad you're going to see your son after so long a seperation!

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    Kristin's Avatar
    Kristin is offline Senior Member
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    Jul 2004
    Cool! Good to know when families come back together. Family is VERY important!! Have a great visit!!

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    Jody<3's Avatar
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    Home, home on the range (Kansas)
    Two very handsome men! I sure see the resemblance.

    You sure do have a lot of catching up to do after not speaking for three goodness. I hope it is all you hope for and even more....

    Enjoy your time together, and I am very happy for you, George!
    What lies behind us, and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.
    ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~

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    joelstrouble's Avatar
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    Farmland in Norway!
    No problem to see that he is your son!

    Hope the to of you have a great time together!!!

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    whiterose's Avatar
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    Midwest, United States
    Yes, he definitely resembles you, George!

    I'm so glad for you that you two have this time together. Enjoy!

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    adeladeb Guest

    How are things going?

    George, that baby (and your son) are good looking!

    How are things going out there? Let us know, hope for the best

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    Geo55 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by adeladeb View Post
    ... How are things going out there? Let us know, hope for the best ...
    Jon and I are doing well. Jon wants to stay in Ventura County & work on building a life here, he has a job interview this Thursday.

    He wants me to post a new picture of him & I because his hair was so shaggy in the first one. We have to get somebody to snap a picture of us.

    thanks for asking Adelade.

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    Starrypup Guest
    Chip off the old block there! (OK, not "old" block... you know what I mean)

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    RebeccaSue Guest
    Hope all goes well, George!
    Did you all clean up the past for a bright shiny future?
    I am nosy, aren't I?

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