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Thread: Getting Married

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    shakespeare Guest

    Getting Married

    It's like a dream ( Pinch Me ), and i never thought i would ever get married and too someone so right for me. We both are getting married on July 18, it will be a small family wedding which will be in her mum and step-dad's back garden. I have never known anyone that is so perfect and loves me for who i am, my prayers has finally been answered. There is 11 years and 9 months between us but we are so much in love and age is just that number, and being loved by her family means so much to me. As i have always wanted to give love and to be loved, and now it is truly happening that i have found that true happiness in life.

    Many years ago i was hurt by this other woman, and i started cutting myself because of it. But i am all better now thanks for many years seeing a good Psychiatrist that helped me, he was my savior at that dark time in my life. I thought for many years i would go through life being alone, but thanks for my prayers this angel has now arrived. Like someone said to me that i deserve to be happy as to what i went through, and now many years later and many tears i have now found that happiness inside this remarkable woman that i will love till my dying day.

    Our wedding song ( Sarah Brightman - Deliver Me )

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    Congratulations. I wish you great happiness together.
    Life is short, Live it with all your heart, love and passion.

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    Greeneyedlily Guest
    Awe CONGRATS! I wish you tons of love and many many happy years!!!

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    RebeccaSue Guest
    It sounds beautiful. I am glad to hear you are working an inside-out Healing approach! Look at the wonderful results of your self-love! Yay!! Yes, you do desrev! It is your birthright!

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    esjayo Guest
    Congratulations!! All the best to the both of you, have a lifetime together of wonderful memories

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    scott2075 Guest

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    Geo55 Guest
    congratulations and best wishes

    the old guy

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    shakespeare Guest
    Thank you everyone for the kind words, it's kind and warm hearted people like yourselves that make this Ageless a wonderfull webite.

    Thank You

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    More CONGRATULATIONS your way!!!!!
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