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Thread: New game -- A-Z - Television Shows

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    New game -- A-Z - Television Shows

    Here's a new game for us to play and it's pretty simple. We name TV shows that start with each letter of the alphabet, one post at a time. When we reach Z, we can start all over again if we want to.

    I'll go first:

    All in the Family

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    Greeneyedlily Guest

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    Geo55 Guest
    Candid Camera

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    Days Of Our Lives

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    Lily42 Guest
    edge of night

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    Lily42 Guest

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    Geo55 Guest

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    justMike Guest
    History's Mysteries.........................! Hey, how come I got stuck with letter H for both movies AND television (sigh!)?

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    PinkPanther_04 Guest
    I Dream of Jeannie

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    Greeneyedlily Guest
    Jetsons (or Jeffersons! hah!)

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    Geo55 Guest
    the Knight Rider

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    Lily42 Guest
    las vegas..

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    Greeneyedlily Guest
    Mary Tyler Moore!

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    PinkPanther_04 Guest

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    Geo55 Guest
    The Odd Couple

    (I had to answer this one before somebody wrote Oprah!)

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