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Thread: Valentine's

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    Julie1984 Guest


    Hey just curious as to what your plans are...

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    Geo55 Guest
    Hi Julie,

    Welcome to this side of Ageless, big cyber hug. We're small, we're the minority, our pace is slower, we hope you'll find the feeling is warmer, and we're working at building our own sense of family.

    My valentine's plans ....

    Mom (age 87) will receive flowers, so shall my daughter (age 29). My sister will get a phone call. Two of my best friends in the world are ladies (one I've known 43 years, the other 20 years), they'll get phone calls, emails, cards or flowers, I haven't thought that far ahead yet.

    Other than that my calendar is open (I'm single) ... I'll probably spend the evening nursing a bottle of red wine.

    the old guy

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    Greeneyedlily Guest
    I don't have any plans either! I'm sure my ex would be more than willing to take me out for Valentine's but as much as we've remained friends, I just don't want to lead him to believe we're going to get back together, so I'm going to try to avoid that route. Red wine sounds delightful, and I'm especially partial to concords (yes I have a sweet tooth!)

    Maybe... and this is a BIG MAYBE.... I'll ask the OM I've been interested what HIS plans are... and if he happens to say he's free... I MAY suggest we hang out as to avoid "feeling lonely" LOL ... subtle, I know! haha! Who knows though since these "issues" have come up... he may have plans that day... hmmm I should bring it up in general conversation since we've been having a few more of those recently..?!

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    adeladeb Guest

    For the single folks

    I think we should all plan to meet in the ageless chat room...after or during what George refers to as 'nursing' a bottle of wine.

    For me it will probably be cheap champagne or a nice white

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    Greeneyedlily Guest
    haha only thing with that is that we're from all over the place! LOL or meeting up in the chatroom could be interesting!

    Julie, you started the thread, but never mentioned your own plans... so what are YOU doing for V-day?
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    PinkPanther_04 Guest
    I probably won't even notice what day it is.

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    Lily42 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by PinkPanther_04 View Post
    I probably won't even notice what day it is.
    There is a safe way to get through!!! I will take that one.. or the red wine might work for me too.. we'll drink together Geo..

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    Guess Who! Guest
    Hello Julie,

    Glad you've joined us in the YW/OM forums.

    I plan on taking the love of my life out for a romantic dinner

    But no candlelight, we have an aversion to candles or open flame!

    Afterwards its back home for a little hubba hubba

    How about you? What are your plans?

    Guess Who!

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    Julie1984 Guest
    I don't what my plans are yet, but my OM always have my favourite flowers delivered.

    I was thinking about baking him cookies or a cake and shipping it to him (we're in a ldr...3 hours apart)

    Im not really a wine person...but recently a friend of mine got me hooked on this cheap sangria from walmart. but I do love me some champagne.

    yeah this community is small but Im glad that I'm not alone.

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    Greeneyedlily Guest
    3 hours is nothing! Take a personal day, go to back to walmart get some of that sangira and a nightie and take a drive! Woo! Wouldn't that be a good Valentine's day?!?! I think that's what you should do... I would do it, but I watched my all time favorite movie (well I loved the book 1st!) Pride and Predjudice and I have some lingering romanticism today! haha!

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    Julie1984 Guest
    sounds like a plan!

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    In the sticks
    I'm flying to meet my LDR guy. We'll see what happens with this trip. Could be good or could be sad.
    Life is short, Live it with all your heart, love and passion.

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    Starrypup Guest
    I'll be working on Valentines, but we'll be together on the 16th!!!

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    RebeccaSue Guest
    I am setting NO expectations!!!

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