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Thread: My pet peeve of the day

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    My pet peeve of the day

    I think news outlets should tone down what they allow in the comments section of their stories, particularly when controversial topics are discussed. Profanity, foul language and personal attacks against people shouldn't be allowed. When you use words like "barf", "makes me throw up", "sicko", and words like that, to attack someone's lifestyle, you not only attack that person but EVERYONE who has that same lifestyle.

    It wouldn't be allowed if they were attacking women, gays or racial minorities. why should it be allowed at all?

    After Columbine, Sandy Hook, Va. Tech, Arora Colorado and numerous other nuts going off the deep end; and the known effects of "cyber bullying", they should know better. How many more tragedies before these people clean up their act?
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    Like Abraham Lincoln once said, "You can't believe everything you read on the Internet."

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    Depending on the source of the article, I think it's a case of the level of intelligence of the readers. Behind the veil of anonomity, those who have nothing of any substance to say will be as outrageous as possible to draw attention to their inane comments, and usually misspell every other word. I try to stay away from publications that rely on sensationalism to draw the public and attract idiots and their narrow minded views. The class of the audience depends on the class of the publication.
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