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Thread: Things you do to make your partner happy.

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    Things you do to make your partner happy.

    What are some things, even little things you do for your s/o to make them happy?

    For me, I have been spending a LOT of time (83 hours to be exact) getting some gear for one of my gfs max toon on wow and just got the final piece for her toon and sent some in the mail (in wow everyone has a mailbox you can get gold/equipment etc) as a surprise and when she logged on she got what she was looking for and called me to tell me how happy she was

    Because of how long she works she doesn't get to play as often as she'd like but I have nothing else to do lol so I wanted to help her. She was quite surprised!

    So, anyone else done something similar for their partner?
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    By his own admission, he is a TV junkie. What I do for him is not gripe about the freaking TV being on all.the.time.

    We watch a lot of football. A LOT. By "a lot" I mean from Thursday night to Sunday afternoon. Then rebroadcasts and recaps during the week. I'm not particularly in to football, and by Christmastime I'm either tired of it or following certain teams in the brackets. Usually, my gift to him is remaining in the same room with him while he watches football. Sometimes I go sit next to him and sometimes I go watch TV in the bedroom.

    He also likes sitcoms, Survivor, and talent contests; I much prefer PBS. I particularly enjoy Masterpiece Theatre and American Experience. As with football, my gift to him is remaining in the same room while he watches those programs. Some, I can't tolerate and leave...I particularly dislike the interpersonal drama on Survivor, but will "come look at" the challenges. Sometimes I watch DWTS or one of his other talent contest shows with him but I get tired of them as well.

    We both like SciFi and particularly enjoy Face Off. I usually sit with him when we're watching a first broadcast of those programs are on.

    I go to his doctor's appointments with him, stop by on my lunch hour while he's at chemo, and set up his pill box every Sunday.

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    He scratched up his bike pretty badly (dropped it in the garage). I repainted it for him. I purchased large clear vinyl decals and put them on the lids of his saddlebags so they wouldn't get scuffed, but the pretty green paint is still visible.

    The way to my man's heart is through his Harley!

    I also let him snuggle up to me in the middle of the night when he has a migraine and doesn't feel well--even though I am fast asleep and have to work in the morning. I know it helps him feel better (and I like to snuggle, too!).

    When he was going on his annual hunting trip, I made lasagna, meatloaf, and jambalaya for him to enjoy at camp.
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    Backrubs, mostly. He's also big into baseball, so I'll sit at bars with him when he wants to see the game even though I'm not particularly interested in sports. Sometimes I buy him presents.
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    Pinkunicorn: thru his Harley. That was a good one.
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