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Thread: Whats your favorite date youve had with a partner?

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    Whats your favorite date youve had with a partner?

    Thought this would be a fun Idea to toss out there. (Im also asking because i am running out of date ideas for myself and my boyfriend! oh no!) what is your favorite date that you have been on with your partner or past partner?

    Mine would have to be camping with my bf, mainly because it is something we both really enjoy and it was one of the happiest weekends I think i had spent with him. There were tons of different things we did too, so it was never really dull, from a campfire to four wheeling and all sorts of other things. There were several others that were close seconds, like a motorcycle trip we took, but this one takes the cake for being the most memorable.

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    I guess it all depends on what one likes. I personally like dancing, so any date that involved dancing is awesome for me.
    I also liked a weekend we spent at the beach... boy that was a long time ago!
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    Hmm..Hard to say. To me, there are different kinds of "dates". One where you plan a date but it's casual and one where you both dress up.

    For me, I think the most fun casual date we've had was when she had brought here PC over before she went to work since she was staying afterwards and I made some hamburger helper and sent her some equipment in her wow mailbox she wanted and wrote "Because I love you " in it. I also got a lot of drinks/snacks/energy drinks and we stayed up and had a blast eating, chilling and playing

    As far as the most romantic date, probably when we got all dressed up (she was wearing a red dress with a slit in the side...omg lol) and went to a relatively expensive restaurant in Tulsa. It was about $15 per plate and we got dessert so the bill was like $50 when all was said and done lol. But it was worth it, I for one love having/planning romantic evenings for my fair lady

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    67 of my favorites was with my former first the middle of a long cold winter in Michigan. I set up a picnic on a blanket laid down in front of our fireplace on our living room floor.... Another time I planned an overnight at a Bed and Breakfast for us as a total surprise for him. For our 5th wedding anniversary I set up a hot air balloon ride. And one totally informal "date" with him was when we were first dating and he suggested we go out after a rain storm and pick up nightcrawlers/worms so we could go fishing the next day! Another time he took me to a local shooting range and showed me how to shoot clay pigeons with a shot gun!

    With my second former husband, I surprised him with tickets for a Rolling Stones concert! (That one took a bit of money....but that was part of the fun for me....saving up for something that he figured there was no way we could afford!) ..........Not a date....but one of the most beautiful and appreciated bouquet of flowers I ever received from my second husband was a large arrangement of fresh cut lilacs he brought me. It involved him climbing up on the bed of his pick-up truck to cut several branches of lilacs from some large lilac bushes located in front of our sub-division! Oh...and then there were the nights I'd get home from work to find that he had run a hot bath..bubbles and all...for me to get into and totally relax! And the night we turned the lights down low and slow danced to Van Morrison's "Tupelo Honey" in our family room on the spur of the moment. .......Jumping on our motorcycle on a abnormally warm December night to go around and look at Christmas lights on people's houses. Each of my former husbands and I enjoyed getting in the car and "going for a drive" around the surrounding country-side on a Sunday afternoon. Going to a cider mill in the Fall to watch them press apples to make cider...buying some freshly squeezed cider and fresh, hot donuts to eat on the spot!
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    I haven't really been on too many dates. The boyfriend I had in school, sure we'd go to a movie every once in awhile, but never out to eat bc I never ate in front of him (stupid high school girl, what can I say) and my parents never let me do anything else like go to a concert with him or anything. Most other times out with guys after that were just to bars.
    Even my OM now we haven't had too many date type events. We go out to dinner and for drinks on our rare kid-free nights, might see a movie or go hiking too, and that's fun and I love every chance we get to do it, but nothing to write home to mom about as far as excitement. The best time I can think of is when we used to go on our famous drives before kiddo came along. We'd just jump in the car with the dog and pick a direction and go. No GPS. Just turn wherever at the stop signs, see what we can see, stop at places along the way that look interesting, stick to the back roads. One time we ended up all the way over in the Allegheny National Forest, stopped at a little place for lunch, stopped and played putt putt golf at this course built all up into the side of a big hill, parked by a river and walked the dog a bit, just cruising around, no destination in mind. We used to do that a lot before the kid. He gets a little bigger, we'll start doing it again

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    Anytime we take the Harleys out for a cruise!

    I just found out this summer that my husband enjoys metal detecting and actually has a metal detector! So he got on his GPS and found this old mining town site in the desert below the cliffs. We packed a picnic lunch and took the kids up there for an afternoon of exploring and digging. At first I thought it would be stupid and boring, but it was a blast! The kids even had a great time.

    Another fun afternoon date we had was taking the ATVs out and spent all day riding through the canyon. I had never been to this particular area before and it was beautiful!
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    This is a tough one. I have to say my favorite date with my guy is when we go on nice long hikes. Usually in the Fall (perfect weather) we go upstate (live in NYC) and pick amazing places to hike, they have some beautiful spots. We are there for hours, have lunch and it's exercise, time together, tons of talking time, bonding and the outdoors.

    Other than that we usually do a date night every so often (it's cut back lately) and it is dinner, sometimes dinner and a movie. I just love our time together one on one that it doesn't really matter what we are doing I just love being with him.
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    My first ex husband didn't do that sort of thing when we were together. He was more concerned with hanging out with the guys.

    My second ex husband, who's Australian, liked to go on dates and such. We went to sprint car nationals in Knoxville, Iowa, and he took me on a trip down Australia's Great Ocean Road, from the penguin sanctuary all the way to Warnambool. It was freaking AMAZING.

    The grumpy guy/aka "Lovey" likes to do dates and such, too. When he does "date night" as a treat for me, he makes special dinners and sets the table all fancy (he's a super-duper napkin folder).

    When I do "date night" as a treat for him, we go to dinner someplace where he doesn't have anxiety about eating at a major competitor's place and it's nice. (It took me a while to clue into the issues he has with eating for a competitor.)

    We both like going camping or fishing out in the boonies and it's just the two of us, with very little noise except sounds from the natural environment. We also enjoyed the rodeo for the most part. Next year, I'd like to get tickets for every night instead of just Friday and NOT arrange to meet someone at the gate.

    It's not a date, but it's really nice when he has Big Band music (which we both enjoy) on in the morning and I come into the kitchen after getting ready for work, and he swoops me into his arms and we dance for a few minutes before I leave for the day.

    Last night, we watched Wait Until Dark featuring Audrey Hepburn. It's running on PBS. He saw it in college with a roommate and hadn't seen it since; I'd never seen it. We both enjoyed it quite a bit.

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