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Thread: What might make an OM at work WANT to take a chance on a younger woman?

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    MissyM Guest

    What might make an OM at work WANT to take a chance on a younger woman?

    If he is cautious naturally how do I overcome that?!

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    At work?
    It depends on the work policies regarding relationships among employees.
    If there are serious consequences against inter-office romance, the man may decide that having a fling with a co-worker is not worth the chance.
    And I say fling, because most relationships start as flings, at first you never know if a fling will develop into a serious, long lasting relationship. Hence a reluctance to take a chance.
    On top of any office policy, there is the fact of the age gap. There is social pressure against age gaps, ridicule, rejection.

    So, maybe you could find out what your office policies are, before you follow your crush.
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    Those are questions with complicated answers.

    The first being about work - age difference aside, the decision to date a coworker is always something to give some thought to. If he's cautious about dating a coworker, there's not much you can do about that. And depending on your situation, might not be something you want to push if he isn't comfortable with.

    As far as being a younger woman, he would want to take a chance for the same reason any of us take chances -physical attraction, the lure of compatibility and companionship, attraction to personality, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MissyM View Post
    If he is cautious naturally how do I overcome that?!
    Well, you suss it out. Sit at the same table during lunch. Ask around about him. Listen to how he talks about his supervisors, his peers and his subordinates.

    Then after you decide that he passes muster, you go buy some new lipstick.

    The next day, you tell the custodian as you pass him on your way to lunch, "I'm going to go put on some lipstick and flirt with _____."

    Apply said lipstick, march right up to your intended, and ask him, "How do you like my new lipstick?"

    If he gives you a peck on the lips and says, "It tastes good," there ya go!

    At least that's what worked for me.

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