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Thread: I offered my cousin a kidney today.

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    I offered my cousin a kidney today.

    I have a distant cousin who's never had good kidneys, even when we were kids. In addition to being extended family, we both attended the same school (he was a year behind me) kindergarten through 12th grade and were friends. He's been on dialysis for a while, and now requires treatment 3x weekly. His condition isn't openly discussed; as a result, I had no idea where things stood. So, today I asked him what's his long-term plan on the kidney front. He's only recently decided that he wants to take on everything that goes with a transplant; I told him that if he needed it and one of mine would work, he could have it.

    This is something that's been on my mind for a long while, but it didn't seem the time to bring it up. It felt good to have that conversation with him.

    They think his tissue type is common enough that once he gets on the donor list, it'll be as easy for him to find a match as it would be for anyone else. That's good.

    I didn't mention that Lovey has a coworker who received a kidney transplant, and she was on the list for 2 or 3 years. It's not like there's a quick turnaround.

    I told him I'll hang onto it just in case he needs it, and to give a yell if he does.

    Has anyone else offered to be an organ donor while still living?

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    Wow, I admire you. Such selflessness.
    Unfortunately I have never been able to donate anything, not even blood, because my hemoglobin has always been below what it should be.

    A friend of mine donated a kidney to his son. The procedure went well for my friend, but his son's body rejected the donated kidney and they had to find a second donnor. He did find it and he is well now.
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