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Thread: Whats good to say

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    Whats good to say

    Since the site has been so quite by younger women, This question is for both men and women. What is good about this relationship you are in? Do you have any advise for others?


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    I used to think of a list of reasons why it's "good" to be with someone younger, and some of that may be true early in the relationship. But when you've been with a partner for as long as I have (22 years), age related things go away and it's just like being with any other person. In the long run it's personality compatibility, shared values, common interests and acceptance of each other as people that far outweigh any benefits or drawbacks of your partner's age. Just like it is with same-age relationships.
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    My advice for others would be: If there is mutual love, persevere, and don't let anything stop you, not even common sense and reason.

    What's good about my relationship? We are friends with benefits, who happened to be married.

    I was reading SummerBob's post, and while I totally agree with him, looking at our relationship, we are not that compatible. We only share a few aspects, that luckily seem to be important enough to hold this relationship together for over 10 years.
    1. We both believe in God
    2. We are sexually compatible
    3. We both lean towards the political right.
    4. We share the same taste in movies
    5. We can have great conversations

    At one point, one has to stop trying to fit square pegs in round holes, so we play with what we share, leave aside what we don't, don't sweat the small stuff, forgive, communicate, understand, trust and respect each other.
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