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Thread: Well at 12:01am EDT on Saturday August 1st My fiancee will be a civilian once again

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    Well at 12:01am EDT on Saturday August 1st My fiancee will be a civilian once again

    Well I am very happy that my fiancee is safely back in country.
    She is on her terminal leave but she has to be back on base next Friday for her ( I do not know what the Army called it. so I have kidded her that they will remove her epaulets from her uniform and break her saber and drum her put of the service. I remember that from a movie. The Man with out a country . I was just a kid when I saw that movie in school . Just what of the to do if they showed that movie today. Well that thing thought would be funny? well it was the biggest NO NO i could have done.
    And it all most to the shortest engagement on record . She would not talk with me for the rest of the day. but I groveled to be for given and that I was only kidding.
    Well I convinced her I was not being mean. And I told her I was So happy the her will be a civilian again. and that there are only three people have any thing any thing to say about what you do what we do . and that is she I and her daughter. And on Saturday the first of August we will fly to England to collect her daughter where she has been going to school. I have spoken to her a couple of times and she told me that she is do happy to have a daddy again. That when she told me that I started to Well up and I had all I could do not to cry. And after we collect my fiancee we will go to Germany to visit the place she was born. This child is only 15 but she acts link she in her mid twenty's. She said to me I am an American but I know next to nothing about America. she said I know more about England then I do about America.
    And I told when I am the right person to fave to fill in for your dad. that would live to bring you up yo speed about America and its history. And I told her we till not only read books but we will go to there the events happened . And she sounded thrilled. I got an E-mail from her this morning and after the hellos she wanted to what were some of places we will go to see. so I am making list Of locations we can visit It will be easy as I love in the Mid-Hudson River Valley and the battles for American Independence were waged Just the full length of the river If any of you are interest to hear what happened to the men that signers of the Declaration of Independence.
    go to this URL ttps://
    I will let you know how things good as they transpire.
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    Congratulations! Enjoy your time with her!
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