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Thread: He blocked my messages.

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    He blocked my messages.

    Known him since I was 20 - that was six years ago. Always exchanged messages each holiday, and rare other occasions. Never met in person yet. He's 67. Last time I heard from him, he said "I hope you are doing well", that was Thanksgiving. Now I found out that he's since blocked my messages on Facebook. I'm very heart-broken, and feel SO SAD. ;_; How do I get over this? I keep letting myself break my own heart cos of him, over and over. *tears*

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    That is odd. I am sorry you are feeling that he has put you aside. Well, time to move on, new year, new life, new doors that will open. In the meantime... huggs.
    You know it's love when the pain of being apart is greater than the pain of being together.

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    Oh! well.

    I agree its time to move on. You should look elsewhere. If he can not appreciate your attention and love then someone will. There are good people out there


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    Sadly, there are people out there who think they're looking out for your own good by deciding your relationship life for you. He probably thinks he's setting you free to find happiness that he can't give you. The error in that thinking is that he can think for you and know your heart better than you do.

    Let him go, cry a little bit, and look forward to a brighter future.
    Like Abraham Lincoln once said, "You can't believe everything you read on the Internet."

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