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Thread: Last words ...

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    Last words ...

    I had a look through the last posts of members with 1000+ posts and who have not been back for some time.

    Some made comments on the lines of 'I don't come here much anymore'. No-one wrote anything like 'This is my last post. Goodbye'.

    Lots tailed off seemingly in mid-conversation. Many former stalwarts of Ageless left with last words like:

    "I moved your thread out of "chit chat" and into the "relationship support" area of the ow/ym side of the boards in the hopes of gaining you even more wonderful advice from the members

    I wish you were cleaning house too. ((hugs)) Just a couple more days hopefully...Will your new place have a bathtub, or just a shower?

    You deserve this happiness. Run with it!

    Very nice that you two spent his birthday together.

    Norwegians does not normally go around telling their partner,kids, parents etc. that they love them!

    You're in like, honey. Not in love. You just met someone and you really like him

    Let me interject: Not everyone who plays games with people or leads people on is a thug or swindler.

    I was researching the psychological effect (to me) of certain behaviors my parents and sister exhibit toward me.

    Tim is a very sweet movie. I love Harold and Maude, the ending still makes me cry.

    maybe the machine ran out of Old Navy cards and gave you the next best thing. LOL

    Another year, another Maker's Mark! LOL! We "lifers" still have our traditions! This was a big birthday, nifty fifty!

    What is your age and what do you use?

    It does seem like a lot, but these operators need to know what kind of help to send (police, fire, ambulance), and they need to be able to tell their first responders what to expect

    Is there a moral here?

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    Was all of that quoted from the one post or an amalgamation of different posts?

    Not sure what you are getting at to be honest in terms of the moral of the story. Like many forums this one also ran out of active members, it tends to be pretty common now. Everyone just goes on Twitter or Facebook etc.

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    Facebook has replaced a lot of forums like this one. I suppose there are no last words because nobody thinks this will be their last post. I wonder how many AGRs are still alive. Relationships in general do not last as long as they used to. I am still with my guy. Next year it will be our 10th marriage anniversary. We met in 2003, but got married in 2010.
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    You know it's love when the pain of being apart is greater than the pain of being together.

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    Life Moves On

    I don't visit here as often as I used to. Hard to believe I have been a member 15 many have come and gone, some are still here but simply don't post like they once did.

    In my case, I find myself active at work, with my kids, and my girlfriend. I also am active in other social media platforms on different topics including religion, politics, and music. Life moves on for all of us, and in the case of many they moved on from this particular platform.
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