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Thread: Do you make more than your man?

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    Kristin's Avatar
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    Jul 2004

    Do you make more than your man?

    OK, lets try this another way....

    Just to make a point for another thread -

    I want to know how many women here make more than their man. Apparently, some men believe that all women want is a man with lots of money to be happy.
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    fos4snt Guest
    Yipyip. Sure do. No biggie, though. Hopefully I won't forever, but... like the Beatles said...

    ... money can't buy you love...

    He's a LOT younger than me, I really don't expect him to be in the same place in life... and someday, maybe he'll be making more and I'll be able to chill out workin' on the house while the kids are in college.

    Yeah, strikes me as a good thing.

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    Exactly! But if I was mostly interested in money, I wouldn't have dated the last three guys I dated. They ALL made less than me! And the two before Jeremy were OM!

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    star Guest
    I am single at the moment, but I have always made more money than the ex husband and all but one of my ex boyfriends! Some have had issues with this and some haven't. How much money a guy makes has never been a consideration for me when deciding who to date.

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    RobsGirl Guest
    When we started dating he made far more money than I did. Now that's turned and I make more money.

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    miss b Guest
    I made more money than my man.

    But now he's moving on up and I'm

    He hasnt kicked me out yet

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    christina923 is offline Senior Member
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    yeah.. i make more. but then again he immigrated, started over. he has a promising future here now though, and i get to retire in a few years and kick back

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    kathyw Guest
    Yep, I make a lot more money than he does....he's still in I really wouldn't expect him to be making as much as I do...I will say this is the first time I've ever been with anyone who makes less than I do...and it's been a bit of an adjustment for me...but I've learned to deal with's made me appreciate certain things a lot more than I once did...that's for sure.

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    In every relationship I've ever been in, I have made more money than the man. I think that's because money has never been important to me. I select the man for his characteristics, rather than how much money he earns. I could care less how much he earns as long as he contributes his fair share to the family income.

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    GoldieCat Guest
    A couple of years ago, he was making quite a bit more than I. Our tide is currently turning, soon I will be making more than he is. But, he has more investments than I do.

    We don't compete with each other, it makes no diff at all to us which makes more. Whoever does just gets to be more generous. We want to enjoy life together, we are a team, and whatever we have is OURS.

    I never ranked guys with money ahead of those who didn't. Money is a possession that can be gained and lost and has nothing at all to do with the actual quality of the person. I feel sorry for people who do measure others by their incomes.

    (Another thing I totally don't understand is that guys on this site who whine that all we want is money appear to be seriously UNHAPPY that there are a lot of us who aren't that way at ALL. What's the problem? Isn't that what they wanted, for women to not be all about men's money? WhatEVER dudes.)

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    Bella_D Guest
    I DID make more money in the beginning...he was still in second year at uni at that point and I had landed myself a very well paying job. I felt kind of proud of made me feel like a had role in Stu's life, beyond sex and i was actually improving his lifestyle. We were able to move into a lovely home and start a nice life together, which would have been hard if we'd both been students.

    The flipside is it also made me fell a little insecure, like what would happen if I wasn't able to offer that to him?

    Those insecurites have melted away with time. We have a very special friendship....its honestly 90% laughter and fun. We are both literally giggling wthin minutes of waking...hes funny and I make him laugh too. People say I walk around smiling and looking so happy...and i am!!

    But back to money.....well we started up an ecommerce business in October last year. It has thrived. Stu finished his Psych degree at Uni and made the business his full time job. Then two months ago, I was able to cut down to part time work and spend more time on our business. Stu has just won a small business grant for our business too.

    So basically we make the same money now as each other, pretty much. I really, really, love sharing a business with Stu. Its a constant source of bonding and excitement for us.

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    MerAlove23 Guest
    My husband makes more than I do... I used to equal but I have stepped down in order to raise my son...

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    Dolphin1974 Guest
    I do make more than he does.Sometimes I feel guilty that I can afford simple things that he can't and that he goes out of his way to give me something back.I don't want him to spend his hard earned money of me.

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    jellybean400 Guest
    I make more than my YM. Not a whole lot though... maybe $10K/yr. We work at the same place...i have more years in.

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    S/E Texas
    To me money means nothing.Money has never been and never will be a issue with me.As long as the bills get paid in a timely manner and there's food on the table,and a roof over our heads.
    Mind you,it is nice to have some "mad money".Money that can be spent on hobbies,nice dinners,and as such.
    Love is more important,than all the money in the world.It can't be bought,sold,traded,it must been earned.

    The Shadow

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