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Thread: Quiz #2: Is There a Younger Man in Your Future?

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    Quiz #2: Is There a Younger Man in Your Future?

    Take the following test and share the results with a friend. It may change the way you look at men.

    Are you ready for a younger man? (To find out, give yourself the appropriate points as you answer each question.)

    1. Your age:
    _____Under 25 (0);
    _____25 to 34 (1);
    _____35 to 50 (2);
    _____Over 50 (3)

    2. Marital status:
    _____Married (give yourself -2 and proceed with extreme caution);
    _____Single, never married (1);
    _____Separated, divorced, or widowed (2)

    3. Have you ever:
    _____Considered dating a younger man? (1);
    _____Fantasized about having a younger lover? (2);
    _____Dated anyone at least five years younger? (3);
    _____Had a serious relationship with a younger man? (Stop the test, you're ready.)

    4. Most of your male friends are:
    _____Older (0);
    _____Younger or about your age (1)

    5. If you went out with a younger man, your friends:
    _____Would be appalled (0);
    _____Wouldn't care (1);
    _____Would be supportive (2)

    6. If you fell in love with a younger man, your mother would:
    _____Think you're crazy(0);
    _____Want what's best for you (1);
    _____Ask you to find her one too (2)

    7.You: _____Don't have children but want them (0);
    _____Have children (1);
    _____Don't have or want children (2)

    8. Your partner should be:
    _____More experienced than you are (0);
    _____There for you (1)

    9. Sex is:
    _____Been there, done that (0);
    _____Somewhat important (1);
    _____Very important (2);
    _____Life (3)

    10. Which of the following best describes how you feel:
    _____You're content to let your partner make most of the major decisions (0);
    _____You want to make the major decisions (1);
    _____You want to make major decisions together (2)

    9 or more points: You're ready for a younger soulmate. What are you waiting for?

    5-8 points: You're intrigued, but reluctant. Read (or re-read) The Woman's Guide to Younger Men and Confessions of a Younger Lover.

    0-4 points: There's a younger man for you, but you'll have to wait until he gets a little older.


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