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Thread: Quiz #3: For Men Only: Are You a "Younger Man?"

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    Quiz #3: For Men Only: Are You a "Younger Man?"

    1. Are you eighteen or older? (If yes, proceed. If no, keep reading, but don't have a romantic relationship with an older woman until you're old enough to vote.)

    2. Age: _____Under 25 or over 75 (0); _____20-50 (2); _____50-75 (1)

    3. Marital status:
    _____Married (give yourself -2 and proceed with extreme caution);
    _____Single, divorced, or widowed (1)

    4. Do you have children?
    _____Yes (1);
    _____No (2).

    If you don't have children now, how important is it for you to have "your own" (biological) children?
    _____Very or somewhat important (0);
    _____Not very important or not important at all (1)

    5. How would you feel about a woman who already had children?
    _____Intimidated (0);
    _____It wouldn't matter one way or the other (1);
    _____It's a plus (2)

    6. Do you have older female friends?
    _____Yes (1);
    _____No (0)

    7. Do you ever fantasize about being with an older woman?
    _____Yes (Stop the test. What are you waiting for?);
    _____No (0)

    8. Describe how you feel about the following statements using this scale: Strongly agree (2); Agree somewhat (1); Neither agree nor disagree (0); Disagree somewhat (-1); Strongly disagree (-2)

    a. Women are more attractive as they age._____
    b. The best decisions are joint decisions._____
    c. The best relationships are equal relationships._____
    d. It's okay if my wife is more advanced in her career than I am in mine._____
    e. I want someone more experienced than I am._____
    9. How do you feel about the following statements? Strongly agree (-2); Agree somewhat (-1); Neither agree nor disagree (0); Disagree somewhat (1); Strongly disagree (2)
    a. I'm concerned about getting older._____
    b. I think an older woman's age might bother me more later than it does now._____
    c. I couldn't bring an older woman home to meet my parents._____
    d. I wouldn't tell my friends I was dating an older woman._____
    e. I want a traditional relationship._____

    Over 5 points: You're a "younger man;" now all you need is an older woman.

    -5 to +5 points: You're almost ready for an older woman. Keep an open mind and one might come into your life.

    -20 to -5 points: You're not ready for an older woman-yet


    Quiz: Is He the Right Younger Man for You?
    -->Quiz #2: Is There a Younger Man in Your Future?
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    Edu Guest
    Hmmmmm, I came out with a 9

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    Loucine Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Edu
    Hmmmmm, I came out with a 9
    Simply fabulous ! congratulations !!!

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    phanteon is offline take me for who I am
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    Jan 2006
    yaay i've got a 6 seems i'm ready for it
    Age only tells us howlong we walk on this earth but it doesn't say a thing about a person !

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    spenserbyparker Guest

    Should I be scared?

    I got a 20.

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    Flanker Guest
    Is there a quiz us older men could take?

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    Los Angeles, California

    I've always known I'm crazy about OW!
    "You've got to dance like nobody's watching, and love like it's never going to hurt."--Anon

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    Wallypop Guest

    This might work!

    Quote Originally Posted by Flanker
    Is there a quiz us older men could take?
    Take the above quiz... then subtract the age difference between you and your YW. I'm not revealing my score, but it was off the chart.

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    Adrian Guest

    Is she the right OW?

    Wow I got 17! How about a suitability test ym can take for their prospective ow?

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    patrick149 Guest
    I got 18!

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    Bodhi Tree Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Loucine
    Simply fabulous ! congratulations !!!

    ROFLAO !!!!!

    why did someone bring back this thread? My poor Edu, I used to tease him so much

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    Sentinel Guest
    I got 22! Good questions..
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    castledouglas28 Guest
    hmm 22, but im sure i would have got more if i was truthfully honest to mysel about it.

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    maldini Guest
    23 pour moi

    Missing you already hun, get back from New York already !

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    truckman Guest
    According to this test I should visit the "Sunny Groves Retirement Community" wearing my best suit, flowers and candy in hand.

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