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Thread: What Is Your Ideal Valentine?

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    southerngal Guest

    Question What Is Your Ideal Valentine?

    Since tomorrow is the big day, I was just curious as to what your idea of a great Valentine's Day gift is? Do you like to get flowers? Candy? Go out to dinner and a movie? Stay home and snuggle? Perfume? A batch of homemade cookies? Or maybe your sweetie tied with only a big red bow ?

    I'd like to hear from the guys as well as the girls.


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    Princessdy Guest

    Ha, ha ...

    You just reminded me ...

    I DID that once ... tied myself up in a big red bow and nothing else, had balloons floating around the ceiling, little hearts strewn all over the bed and bedroom, and of course wine with soft, sexy music ...

    Hmmmm .... I've been reminded of several of my former adventures lately. I wonder if it's a sign, lol.

    I'll get back to you later on my preference for Valentines Day, but had to jump in when I saw that one


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    Felix Guest
    Well, due to freaks of timing and whatnot, this is my first ever Valentine's Day with a boyfriend. And he's a few thousand miles away <sigh>.

    Hmmm... I don't really know that I'd want / expect anything special. A nice day of mountain biking... Can mountain biking be romantic? well, I'll try!!!

    Have a better one!


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    awhi Guest

    What I'd Do On V-Day

    Great thread, southerngal! I have a pretty big idea of what I'd do on Valentine's Day.

    My lover and I would meet early in the evening, either at her house or mine, and have dinner there or go out to eat (I'd make reservations at her favorite restaurant, unless we agreed to stay home for dinner).

    When seeing her first, I'd give her a dozen long-stemmed red roses with some baby's breath, wrapped up with a red ribbon.

    When we eat dinner, there'd be soft, light music...maybe light jazz or a collecion of various popular love songs. But not played too loud.

    After dinner, I'd ask her if she wanted any dessert. If she said no, I'd tell her I think she might want to change her mind...and hold out a heart-shaped box filled with assorted candies.

    Then, if we weren't home already, we might sit on the sofa together and watch a movie (but we could still go to the theatre, either way is fine). Any movie we both want to see is good, too.

    Then, after all that, we might decide to purify our love by bathing together in a candlelit bathtub. Or, if we didn't wnt to do that, we could just move to the bedroom for a night of endless lovemaking. But maybe both -- we'd probably have to put our clothes on after the bath, because taking them off is part of the excitement in making love.

    In the morning, I'd present her with another gift: A diamond necklace, bracelet, or ring, whatever she liked. Aftera ll, a diamond is forever, and so is true love.

    Saying that, I'd celebrate Valentine's Day throughout the year, just to enjoy being with my love. That is, assuming I had a lover. Oh, well. One day I will.

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    Princessdy Guest

    Wow Awhi ...

    You paint QUITE the picture you ...

    And all I have to say to that is, ladies I'm sure you'll agree, whew ... is it hot in here ???


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    aries_2002 Guest
    Just being with my man is enough for me.

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    Polly Guest
    Robin and I have done the same thing the last three V-Days:

    We exchange cards, and he gives me a beautiful bouquet of roses. We boil two lobsters, and grill two filet mignons (medium rare). I also make garlic bread and steamed veggies. I drink cabernet, he drinks beer. After feasting (we can never finish it all) we retire to bed and watch some movies we rented. Hopefully the kids don't interrupt too much. They know it's our special time and we want a nice, peaceful evening. My favorite parts are opening his card (he always gets wonderful cards) and the lobster. It's the only day I let myself splurge on them and the filet mignon.

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    Wink'N'Seattle Guest

    Good topic

    Well I just got back from a basketball game so my brain is strung on our loss but I'll picture my ideal valentines gift.
    I have always wanted to take someone to a fancy restuarant then come home to a candle lit house with flower pedals leading to a couch or bedroom with a bottle of expensive champagne sitting on ice. From then her desire would be mine-from just holding each other to you know what *wink wink*. Then next morning I will vacuum the mess while singing Chicago's "Your the inspiration" That's all I can think of now. Later...

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    Tyger74 Guest
    Hi South,

    I would like a footsie marathon! I also think that doing alot of outdoorsy things like archery, hiking, walking, jogging or biking would be great along with a great dinner at a restaurant.

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    Jody<3's Avatar
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    I had a really nice Valentines Day this year (we celebrate early due to work schedules). We rented a hotel suite for the weekend, and just spent time together WITHOUT the kids...which was really nice. He bought me a gift which was really beautiful, but just the quality time together alone was the best part of it.

    BTW...this is kind of an off subject thing a little bit but...This year for Valentines day my mother gave me a very unique gift. My grandparents are both dead and have been for quite a long time, but my grandmother and I were very close. So, my mother gave me a heart-shaped diamond necklace that my grandfather gave to my grandmother on their 25th anniversary, and it has her gold and diamond wedding band welded around it with the heart inside. I thought this was the neatest thing! Really touched. Here is where it gets strange though....She gave it to me in a jewelry box that also used to belong to my grandmother. She said it was broken and had not played music as long as she could remember, but she thought it was cute and would be nice to keep the necklace in when I was not wearing it. So, I thought this was all cool. Anyway, when getting ready for bed this evening I took off the necklace, put it in the little jewelry/music box...and went to get into bed. About 10 minutes later...the music box started playing. I about shot through the ceiling. Besides the fact that it was "broken" I had not wound it and, in fact, was clear across the room from it AND the lid to the box was closed. I don't know if it was Grandma trying to tell me she was happy I got the necklace or what, but I thought it was kind of neat and everyone here is asleep and I JUST HAD TO TELL SOMEONE!!!! *smiles*
    Happy Valentines Day everyone...*hugs and kisses*

    (just for you psychic interpreters, the music box played "raindrops keep falling on my head... ")
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    southerngal Guest
    Wow - you ym are SO romantic!! See ladies, they're all into making someone else happy!! I'm very impresssed with your answers. I never "expect" anything, so if I do get something, its always a nice surprise

    Joannalee - that is the most wonderful story!! Yeah, I think it was your Grandmother, definitely. That was such a sweet thing for your Mom to do and i think your Grandmother just wanted you to know she was happy you have her treasured pieces of jewelry. I'm glad you shared the story with us.

    Happy Valentine's Day to all


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    ronin Guest

    valentines . . .

    Lets see now.

    Going out for a nice dinner, and a few drinks. Some sort of thoughtful and amusing gift. Then home for champagne on ice, and a full body hot oil massage - for starters.

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    Mister Miew Guest

    What would happen on Valentine's Day

    The slightly unrealistic line <i>"Any movie we both want to see is good,"</i> from awhi's post got me thinking... what would really happen on Valentine's Day?

    My lover would call me early in the evening to inform me that there is a lot of traffic, not to expect her for another hour. But it does her little good to tell it to the answering machine as I'm already headed to meet her up at our favourite restaurant.

    I wait for her at the restaurant, worrying that she might have had an accident. Dirtying my clothes and running my hand through my hair. Eventually she arrives. What a relief, she's alright, but what? the waiter informs us that our reservations were only valid an hour earlier. Void and null. Someone else is sitting at our favourite table, they're booked for the next 5 hours.

    Wondering what to do next, I remember the dozen long-stemmed red roses with baby's breath I'd brought her. I'd put them aside while waiting for her. I find them and offer them to her. The once wonderful roses now have someone's footprint going across them. The card is soaked, can't read a single syllable from the poem I'd spent all night writing. A single damp petal falls off and lands in a puddle of slush (snow and salt). She smiles, says we should look for another restaurant.

    1 hour wait. Members only. 3 hour wait. Booked for the night. Nowhere to eat, everyone else had the same idea to eat out on Valentine's Day!

    It's raining. The red from the card seems to be running off onto her coat. She doesn't notice it.

    We settle for Dino's Finest Pizza. When we eat there's loud, obnoxious music... most likely a collection of various pop songs that are overplayed on radio. The angst-filled cook doesn't seem to mind that it's being played so loud that we can't hear the news on the black and white TV playing in the corner.

    After dinner, I ask her if she wants any dessert. She says she doesn't think she wants deep-fried ice cream. I ask her if she'd change her mind and hold out a heart-shaped box filled with assorted candies. She says she needs to watch her diet, the pizza kind of upset her stomach. Good, I'd tried out one of the candies earlier and they're disgusting.

    We decide to head to the movie theatre. We look at the titles and come to the conclusion that they all bite. Hollywood bites, all of these movies are rehashed. Oh, dear, she sees that the card ran off on her coat. Looks pissed.

    We head back home. Decide to take a candlelit bath. I wash her hair, scrub her back. F*** I drag one of the candles in the bath. We both jump out, there's water everywhere and now it smells like burnt wax. We empty the bathtub and try to scrub off the dried wax from the other candles.

    The mood's kind of ruined, it smells, it's late and we have to work tomorrow. We go to bed. Kiss each other goodnight, fall asleep.

    In the morning before leaving for work I wake her to give her another gift: A diamond necklace. She says, why the hell are you waking me up. I wanna sleep. Oh, I see.. no wonder they wouldn't accept my card at the grocery store yesterday, you went off and emptied the bank account for a frivolous gift.

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    sunlover02 Guest
    Well Mister Miew - that was hysterical. Thank goodness for humor and lighthearted banter. I loved it. Thanks

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    Polly Guest
    Mister Miew, you cynical cat!

    Joanalee, I loved that story! I've had stuff like that happen to me too. Your grandmother was indeed happy you got the necklace.

    Robin and I ate too much. I laid in bed last night like a big puffer fish, dozing on and off between movies. It wasn't as romantic as all the other people's ideas of a romantic Valentine's Day, but it was nice. We made up for the lack of romance this morning!

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