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    Tyger74 Guest


    I just wanted to say thank you for those who really made me feel like I am needed here. As stubborn as I am, I really do miss this place. I have read some posts and really not replied to alot of them. I have so much to write about and of course as most of you have known me over the years, you know that I love to write about things that make people think. We are a "thinking universe" always analyzing data and trying to process it. As for me as Dr John Gray have mentioned " Men are from Mars" which I believe I am a total martian. Just read my posts when I try to solve problems LOL! I want to remind everyone that "playing footsies" is normal and can be very fun. What I love about this group is that we tend to have this "fun and wacky" approach. That is what we need in our lives. I don't like this notion that people have to "act their age". I think that in certain situations you have to be serious but that should be only 1% and the rest is for fun and wacky attitude. Life is too short to act your age.

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    Patricia Guest

    "Life is too short to act your age."

    I love that, Tyger. What a neat thing to say.

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    Tyger74 Guest
    Thanks Patricia!

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    Have to agree! Never understood the meaning of "acting after my age". Live and let other live as well, as long as there is respect! And what is life if there wasn't any fun put into it?
    Navigare necesse est!

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