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Thread: I love the "Surreal Life"

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    Tyger74 Guest

    I love the "Surreal Life"

    I love this show called Surreal Life! I think it is so much fun and I get alot of laughs from it. Please post your favorite characters and episodes!

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    jordan is offline Senior Member
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    Nov 2001
    I've only seen a couple episodes of it, but I like it too. It's nice to see Hammer staying on his feet...Vince Neil needs to stay away from the dougnuts.....and Corey Feldman...he just needs to get a clue.....

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    Tyger74 Guest

    Corey is a drama king! He gets into peoples faces alot! Hammer is awesome! Turned into a preacher and can still dance! I think Manny is awesome too! Vince rocks! Brande, Gabriella and Jerri are total babes!

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