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Thread: Reebok and Terry Tate

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    Tyger74 Guest

    Arrow Reebok and Terry Tate

    I am sure many of you watched the Superbowl and saw alot of the commercials there. My favorite commercial where a CEO hires Terry Tate office linebacker to make sure people do their work. It is so funny! I like the part where that guy was playing solitare and won the game. Then Terry says "You like playing games huh? It's time for pain!" something like that. Of course I love the "Pepsi Twist" commercial with the Osbournes! It is so funny that the kids became the Osmonds! LOL Total laugher with that "I am a little bit country and I a little bit rock and roll"!

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    GuyInLA Guest
    Those were both great commercials. The Osbournes was probably my favorite. At first, I thought, "Oh, no! The Osbournes are so over-exposed." I had to laugh my butt off when the Osmonds popped out.

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