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Thread: Car Chases

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    Tyger74 Guest

    Car Chases

    I been a fan of car chases here in CA. Everytime some crazy people start running away from the police, the news media loves to show it. I think it is funny when those people trying to elude the police think they can get away. The funny part is when the crooks run like chickens! Now that is funny! Do you have alot of car chases in your state or country?

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    kittykat Guest
    here?!?! rarely.....occassionally, someone will get toasted and steal and car and drive like hell up and down the freeway....

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    TERRI Guest
    In Baltimore...we've got it all.

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    Tyger74 Guest
    You know what would be funny to see on tv. I think if they would show runaway chickens and pigs that got out of a pickup truck on the run from the law! Now that is funny!

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    TERRI Guest
    That would make alot of vegitarians happy...don't you think?

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    bigmark669 Guest

    alot in southern ca

    we have tons of car chases here in southern california
    like every

    but movie wize i think the best car chase senes are from the following movies.





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    datura81 Guest
    "Bullit" has hands-down the best car chase scene ever in a movie. It's the coolest one I've seen EVER, much better than police videos. It makes Steve McQueen look like GOD.

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    jordan is offline Senior Member
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    Nov 2001
    I think it would be quite funny if these idiots who start these chases crashed head on at 70 mph into the back of an 18-wheeler.....

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