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Thread: F.Y.I. For car buffs

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    Tyger74 Guest

    F.Y.I. For car buffs

    There are some good news coming our way in terms the way we drive. It is a simple device called a Global Positioning Satelite(GPS) that will be an option for most cars. There are cars that alreadly have this feature and you don't need to pull over to read a map or Thomas Guide. It makes going to point A to point B as easy as a straight line! LOL! What invention would you like to see on your vehicle of the future? I would like to see "Gull Wings" on all exotic cars along with an all-wheel-drive system!

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    Felix Guest
    I've always been a fan of those tacks you can drop out the back of the car... Who says I watched too much of "Wacky races" when I was a kid???

    Have a better one!


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    Tyger74 Guest
    I remember about 3-4 yrs ago, there was a man who was conducting an experiment on a Saturn. Basically, he wanted to use a "generator" like the the ones your see on jet liners. It is so compact and his idea was to create an alternative engine that uses electricity only. What is nice to see out is "Hybids" which uses an electric motor when the car goes less than 20mph saving lots of gas and when it goes faster it will use gas. Do you all remember Back to the Future when Dr. Brown used trash as fuel for the Delorean? Now that is a neat idea using recycled goods as an alternative fuel source.

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    melisande Guest
    well, tell us all about your cars, tyger. how many do you own?

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    Jason_in_OZ Guest
    1. Tyres with an adjustable tread pattern. Mud tyres with large tread blocks are great off-road, but on the highway they are very noisy and handling goes out the window, so I would like tyres that you you can adjust from road to off-road tread patterns, at the push of a button.

    2. Hydraulic suspension so I can alter the ride height of my vehicle. High off-road, low on-road.

    3. In Australia we are yet to get a 4by4 ute with a decent size engine in it (except for the Ford F series imports). A 6 litre all-alloy quad cam V8 would be nice, with supercharger as an optional extra. None of this wussy 3 litre V6 stuff thanks.

    4. Oh, and a vehicle that runs on water would be good too, though I'm sure the government would still find a way to charge 90 cents a litre for it..

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    I would love a car that you key in some coordinates into a computer and it drives automaticaly to the place you are going.

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