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Thread: High School Reunion

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    Tyger74 Guest

    Arrow High School Reunion

    How many of you attended your HS reunion? What was it like? Did you have a great time? Please share your experiences here.

    Mine is coming up and I am not going this year.

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    xmasbaby Guest
    Two years ago, I attended my first H.S. reunion (after 30 years - ouch, I hate saying that!). I had always wondered what happened to a particular guy that had bullied me relentlessly all through my school years. I often thought that if I could ever confront him, I would ask why he tormented me so much and made my life a living hell for 6 years. As luck would have it, he decided to attend the 30 year reunion too (also the 1st for him).

    Once I figured out which one was him (quite a change after 30 years), I went up to him, pointed to my name badge and all he could say was, "Oh my God, I tormented the s*** out of you." At least he remembered! We had a long talk .. had our picture taken together and buried the hatchet. I came away with a sense of peace that after so much time, I was able to come face to face with "the bully" who gave me so many years of self-doubt, and had the picture to prove it!

    A year later, he passed away from cancer. We seemed destined to meet one more time just to make things right. Going to that reunion is a decision I'll never regret.

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