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Thread: Any Marriages Yet?

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    Stella Guest

    Smile Any Marriages Yet?

    Ok...Im new.. and maybe this has been discussed. If it has I apologize. Im in a 3 1/2 year relationship with a young man who is 25. Im 49..We are engaged and living together. He is definately NOT 25. He's an old soul for sure and treats me like I've always wanted to be treated. My worry is...can a marriage work? I understand there are alot of factors that are the same in any relationship. But I would really like to hear from other OW/YM that got married... their experiences...advice...anything! thanks sooo much
    Stella...(got her groove back!!)

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    Lots of marriages, particularly this past year (I was one)!

    Here are a couple threads from couples that consider their relationships proof that AGRs are possible (includes married examples):

    Happy AGR Stories: Men 18-25 Years Old

    Happy OW/YM Stories

    This is a good thread to start with if you are a new member:

    Common AGR Questions

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    Good morning!

    I just left my 24 yo husband sleeping in bed, so yea... pretty sure that marriages are possible and work just as well as any marriage.

    I'm celebrating my 5th wedding anniversary on 2/18.

    I'm 42 (in a week) and he's 24.
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    grumpysgirl Guest
    howdy We got married april 25th 2009 so ya we are NEWLY married hehe
    my hubby is 22 im 44

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    in June married 6 years, I am 50 he is 29.

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    In the heart of My Sweet Man ... for he is my heart.
    We have been together over six years and just celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary on January 5th.
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    We're opposite...yw/om but we've been married 2 and 1/2 years...together for 5 years!


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    YW/OM here, known each other for eight months, married for two!

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    Starrypup Guest
    We've known each other for nearly 7 years, dated for 4, married since July 2009.

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    OM/YW here. Married for 8 years in March, 29 years age gap. We have almost 4 months old beautiful twins.
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    We've been together for 17 years, married for the last 7.


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    ~Guinavere~ Guest
    Known each other for 9 years, just celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary on 17 January. I am 53, he is 31. The love just keeps growing stronger every day, every second!

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    coloradogrrrl Guest
    We are newlyweds at just over 2 months. He is 27 I am almost 49. Happy!

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    All the very best to all you sweet couples. definitely it is not about age, it is about compatibility. But after reading all these success stories and many other such stories in other threads, at 32 I feel old to find my own old (but-young-at-heart) lady whom I am searching for!

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    Hi everyone - long time no see!

    To answer the question - my husband and I have been together since July 2004, married July 2007. We have 4 kids between us, my sons (16 & 19), his daughter (8) and our daughter together (3). He's 29 and I'm 42. One more year and he'll be 30 and it won't look so weird "on paper," LOL!

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