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View Poll Results: Are you proud that you are married/dating a younger person?

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  • I am so proud that I BRAG about it.

    3 21.43%
  • I am proud but I do not brag about it.

    6 42.86%
  • It makes no difference to me.

    4 28.57%
  • I am slighlty embarrassed that I have a younger partner.

    1 7.14%
  • I am so embarrassed of my age gap that I hide it or lie about it.

    0 0%
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Thread: Are you proud that you are married/dating a younger person?

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    Are you proud that you are married/dating a younger person?

    This poll is for the Older partner in an AGR, no matter if male or female. The other day my gf and I (we are both in our 50s) were working with a new customer, also in his 50s, and he started talking about his wife, which is normal, then he proceeded to tell us with enormous pride that she was 18 years younger than him, and brought up some pictures, of him and her. She was beautiful and the age gap was obvious. After he left I noticed that my gf felt offended by the exchange, while I was amused. She told me that since he was bragging about having snatched a younger woman, I should have bragged that I snagged a younger man. Since I am barely overcoming feeling a bit embarrassed about my age gap, it would not cross my mind to BRAG about it. So, what do you guys think?
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    VenusDarkStar Guest
    Joe and I have nearly a 30 year age gap and I am VERY proud of him. After getting his permission, I posted some of his pictures on Facebook. My family knows all about him and they've seen the pics. Some of them don't say anything, because if the comments or opinions are negative, they know it won't do any good. I really don't think about him as being so much younger than me. He's such a secure and emotionally mature man that I don't notice anymore. And he can hardly wait for the day when he can show me off in public.

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    I have changed my perspective on this issue. Before getting married I was a bit embarrassed, because the circumstances of our life were far from ideal. Now that we have been married for over a year, and things are going fine, I feel proud of him too. Not proud of having a younger man, but proud of being the wife of a GOOD man.
    You know it's love when the pain of being apart is greater than the pain of being together.

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    Ooh, I like reading about how people experience their AGRs from "the other end", if you will

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    I voted it makes no difference to me. At one time it was embarrassing, now if someone has an issue with our relationship it's their problem. Not mine. I rarely ever mention our age difference unless it comes up as having some relevance to the conversation. I, also, do not answer a direct question about our ages unless there is something useful in knowing our ages that pertains to the conversation or unless it is a friend I feel comfortable sharing the info with. I find those type of questions rude and just digging for info that is none of their business to begin with.

    My husband, on the other hand, seems quite proud to be with an OW. That I find entirely flattering given I'm no physical beauty. To him, I am one.

    We are proud to proclaim the other is our partner regardless of age.
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    Then I first started My relationship with Girl Friend Now my fiancee. I was worried that her would be may fun of for dating a much older guy.
    For me I was in love with she from day one. I Never gave love at first sight. But it sure was for me.
    With an age gap of 35 Years I could not believe she really had the same feelings for me that I had for her.
    But it is now been 18 month that we know each other and there is no longer an age gap . it is just two people that are madly in love.
    The only part that has been a problem is the distance between us 3600 miles and an ocean.
    Being a photographer I get quite a few shoots in Europe and the UK. In the past I used to farm out those shoots to a photographer friend of my in
    French. But in the last 18 months he has not gotten a shoot out of me. I now look for shoots over in the UK and Europe every chance I can get.
    This way I stop in London on the way over and on the way back from the shoot. This way I can visit the love of my live coming and returning.
    and I do not have to pay for the flight and if things stay on Schedule on February 14th Valentine's Day I will be meeting her and her daughter
    At Kennedy Airport. And a whole new chapter in our relationship will begin. As far as am I proud that you are married/dating a younger person?
    Yes but I do not know if proud is the correct word to me proud means look what I have done. To me i see it as I am madly in in love her and
    I have her 11 year old daughter when her mom and I get married would she be happy if I adopped her. and her answer was oh yes
    and she asked me if her could call me daddy. You will never know how good that made me feel. My girl asked me Did I really love her.
    And I told her that not only did love her till the end of time and that I was willing to put my life on the Line to protect she and her Daughter.
    As a Volunteer Firefighter I put my life on the line for people I really don't know on every call. So why would I not do the same for the people I love.

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    I answered that I'm slightly embarrassed. That's only when I think of what other people might think though. For myself: I don't care about his age. I don't think I'll ever be proud to date someone younger but I am proud of dating him. He's a good person and very mature for an 18 year old. He's a red cross volunteer and he helps the elderly in his street to shovel snow.
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    I am proud but its more to do with the ability to love again like this and I think in retro a younger man brought that out in me. I am tho extremely private. My inner circle are very close friends who have grown to love adam and they notice how good he is to me.

    I do not believe in someone being an advocate to a certain type of person to love. That is not love. Sometimes it just happens.

    I think I got a blessing. God gave me someone who really loves me, I am not going to be boastful about that, just grateful.
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