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Thread: A very special birthday for a beautiful woman.

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    Chloe-and-Max Guest

    A very special birthday for a beautiful woman.

    I'm a YM and my girlfriend is an OW her birthday is an October i know its a ways away but better to plan ahead than do it at the last second. She is really special to me and i want her to have a Unforgettable birthday. I need some suggestions to make her the happiest woman in the world so any OW got any suggestions.. P.S. : I would love to make it very romantic for her.

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    gorillagirl Guest
    engagement ring
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    Talking Do it!

    i'm gonna second that. might as well go for broke.

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    Well, it depends on her, really. There are women who love that (me being one of them!).

    What does she like? Does she like to be the center of attention? Does she like adventure? Does she want just the two of you, or does she want all her friends and family involved?

    Example: For his birthday, my kids and I took my OM to Texas Roadhouse and bought him supper. He was very happy with that. Texas Roadhouse is an excellent steakhouse, and if they know it's your birthday, the waitstaff comes out and sings to you at the end of your meal and gives you a complimentary dessert. My OM told me he didn't want that. But my 9 year old son couldn't figure out why and was dying to tell the waitstaff that it was his stepdad's birthday. So my OM let him. Wee ate and went home and he was happy. Anything more than that would have made him uncomfortable. He doesn't really like to be the center of attention. He's the type who would rather shower attention on others.

    Me, on the other hand, Texas Roadhouse would have just been a START. An ideal birthday celebration for me would be getting all my Harley friends together for a day-long ride, end up somewhere where the food is good and the drinks are cold, and have a good time with all my friends.

    A friend of mine did that for his fiance's birthday. He just told her he'd like to get the Harley group together and do a ride for her birthday and she thought that would be fun. What he didn't tell her, was that we would be riding to Moab, UT (about an hour from here), and our destination would be the airport. He had got her tandem skkydive passes. She was surprised and so happy!
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