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Thread: Anyone else dieting?

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    Anyone else dieting?

    Is anyone else currently dieting? My pants are so tight that last week I decided to start eating healthy again. I follow weight watchers on my own from doing it years ago. I am not stepping on the scale this time around and solely going on how I feel and how my clothes fit. Today is a full week and my reflux is much better, I have more energy and my pants fit a tiny bit better. I could use the support if anyone else is on the same journey. By the way the frustrating part is my boyfriend has the hardest time keeping weight on and is so slim. He is trying to eat more and started lifting weights 2 weeks ago without telling me and his arms and chest are already looking more sexy. His efforts are spurring me on to continue. We have been eating meals apart and doing other things not related to food on dates

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    I think a key component about dieting is that you can't just either be "on" or "off" a diet: you have to make and maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes eating well and exercising. So, for instance, when I started college, I:

    -switched to skim milk
    -took the stairs
    -switched to wheat bread

    etc. My mom always tries to go on whatever diet is popular at the time, and she'll lose a little weight. But she gains it all back because being "on" a diet is no fun, and she drinks 2%, eats white bread, drinks beer, and puts a stick of butter in everything. Her habits overcome her diet.

    I can't eat out often, so I really believe that my most important dietary decisions are made at the grocery store. I'm too tired at night to go grab food, so I'll scrounge for whatever's in my house. So whatever's in my house had better not be ice cream!

    My $.02.

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    chi77 Guest
    i don't believe in a diet either, but i need something to kickstart me in the right direction as i'm with you laurad, my pants are TIGHT right now.

    i have been on a total pity party and been making myself feel better with food for like 2 months now. i'm not stepping on the scale either and agree with you and going by how i feel. being consistent will do the trick and getting some exercise. i'm getting back to a walk outside everyday and three days/week at the gym on the treadmill for an hour (working back up to it) and some weightlifting to tone and strengthen my bones.

    my 88 year old mother is having a terrible time with her body right now. she's never exercised a day in her life. her theory was always that working around the house was enough exercise, and she always did that a lot, but obviously it's not enough. she can barely walk right now and my theory is that if you want to be able to walk when you're ancient you have to start now and don't ever stop walking....EVERY DAY, just 20-30 minutes! the same thing happened to my father and he ended up in a wheelchair the last 5 years or so of his life...that's NOT going to happen to me. i have acquaintances, women my age and maybe a little older, who have a hard time walking already for various reasons, and so they do whatever they can to avoid it, which means they are going to deteriorate more and more and soon won't be able to walk at all.

    sorry i went a little off track there but i am feeling passionate about this.

    i took my last final today so as of tomorrow i am DONE with that and starting the master cleanse tomorrow. you're supposed to do it for 10 days but i'm committing for 3 and then will go from there. i can't go middle of the road right now....i feel the need to do something extreme to get myself away from what i've been doing.

    after this cleanse is over i'm going back to raw food and/or green smoothies 5 days/ day week total fast (except water) and one day week i can treat myself with cooked food and organic dairy if i desire...and this will be for the long term, like forever.

    i'll be here for support laurad. perfect timing for me to see your post.

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    My suggestion would be to start with a cleanse (a GOOD one, not all cleanses are the same). It will spur your body into cleanse mode, and give you an initial weight loss that will help get you excited to live a more healthy lifestyle.

    Then, when eating, raw foods are a must. I'm talking raw veggies and fruits, mostly. This means they have to be fresh (frozen is ok, too, but never canned). What I do is raw fruit for breakfast, a salad for lunch, and for supper, I cook my veggies, and include a little protien like chicken or seafood. Steaks and ribs and fun stuff like that I eat about once a week.
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    VenusDarkStar Guest
    Tomorrow will be 4 weeks since I stopped eating meat & poultry, and my body rebelled for the first 3 weeks by waking me every few hours at night, urging me to visit the bathroom. I wondered where all of it came from, but maybe, as gross as it sounds, it was in there all the time! I lost 6-7 lb without even trying.

    Now my body seems to have calmed down, so I guess it's safe to add more fruits & veggies again. This is isn't some crazy diet for's a lifestyle that just happens to compliment my system apparently. I guess I'm a testimonial to the theory that eating right for your blood type regulates weight, although the healing properties of some foods should be the primary motivation. Eating healthy and getting some moderate exercise is the cure. All those fad diets are just a band-aid.

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    I had the tight pants thing going on, too. With being a student, there is a lot of time spent on the computer and just being sedentary, especially since I am not working. So, I started walking with my neighbor a couple of months ago. I also recently bought a dance game that I love to do. I have started cutting out some food items and am moving towards cutting out the bad carbs (breads, pasta, rice, potatoes) I know some people do well still eating those things all the time, but I have found they are like lead in my system. This is not something new for me, been an issue for years. I tend to do really well for awhile and then start getting out of line.... eventually pulling myself back to where I need to be. I admit it would be easier if I never got out of line to begin with.

    I totally agree with chi77 on the walking. It's like you were in my brain and wrote what I have been thinking recently. I do not want to be in a wheelchair or any kind of help walking as I get older. Not only that, but also because bones get weaker and it's easier to break something. Both of my parents have arthritis and struggle to walk, on top of weight issues and my dad has spinal stenosis, my mom has blockages in her abdominal aorta. They are 68 and 70. I have a good friend who is 85 and walks everyday, she has some health issues, but the fact that she walks all the time, really makes a difference in her life. She gets up at around 4 am and walks for about an hour all over the town she lives in. It's amazing! If you keep moving, you keep your parts well oiled and in good working order, barring some other health issue that would prevent it. My grandma is 93 this year and although she is pretty sedentary now, she was always very active. She still lives alone, she can still walk without help, takes care of herself, still cooks, crafts and is an avid reader. I don't want to outlive all of my relatives, but if I have her good genes and live that long, I hope that I will be able to do all the the things she is doing and still be somewhat independent.
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    Haha I'm glad I'm not the only one with tight pants! I was looking at myself in a pair of jeans that I've had for about 3 years, and I was thinking, "Wow, these would look great....if my stomach weren't there."

    I started last week trying to eat better and exercise more. Of course, on Thursday I got my period so I've been feeling bloated and awful despite my healthy eating and exercising

    Exercise has always been key to my weight loss, so I'm trying to find what works for my current lifestyle and schedule. It was a lot easier/more enjoyable to exercise when I wasn't working full-time, in school part-time, with a house to clean, a 9 month old puppy who howls every morning at 6am, etc. etc.

    I'm also trying to cut way back on my coffee habit (I like my coffee light and bad).

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