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Thread: help with finding a non dodgy [free] dating site!

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    help with finding a non dodgy [free] dating site!

    hello all,

    I've been struggling for a while to find a legit, non scam friendly dating site.
    So far without mentioning names I've found sites where most of the online women were either dodgy scammers (escorts or various "my favourite uncle is about to die...send me X amount to save him"), false profiles or swingers

    As a result of the above I'm not too keen to try anything new unless I get some kind of reccomendation

    Any suggestions?

    Many thanks

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    Although Ive never used an online dating site, I would think that if you were looking for someone who is serious about finding a committed long term relationship that way, use one you have to pay for. It goes to reason that anything that is free is going to be full of creeps and players ect. However a site where you have to commit some money is going to at least aide in weeding out the creeps and players.

    I have found that most of us who meet online are using more of a hobby to do it. Some have met in chat rooms on specific topics, others for the love of music, I, like many here met in a video game. But I have read stories of people who met playing facebook games.

    I know your post asked for help choosing a legitimate site, its just no one was answering you, so I hope that maybe I gave you a couple good ideas.

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    dating sight

    I recently put a profile on Plenty of Fish. I took it down after a few days but not because of scammers. The people on there seemed pretty legit, just not my type.

    I know someone who has had very good match-ups on E Harmony, although that is a paid sight.

    You do get what you pay for.

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    I would recommend plentyoffish. If you are Christian there is christiandatingforfree.

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