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Thread: Why don't many men post here?

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    Why don't many men post here?

    Doesn't even have to do with age really. YM, OM, not many men at all post much (though I've seen more OM posting). Why do you think that is? I kinda feel lonely being just about the only YM that posts lol.

    It would be awesome if the YM that are with the lovely OW here would post.

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    While these are complaints by both men and women, the most common reasons given over my years here has been:

    • They feel bullied or mistreated by a person or clique.
    • The moderators or the rules are unfair or applied unfairly.
    • I can't read another post from X criticizing Y when they can't get their own life together.
    • The AGR ended

    In my husband's case, it was due to a couple different reasons. There was anti-VYM sentiment when he joined, and while things have calmed down, he sees no point in returning only to be likely irritated again. It's a board about love and feelings and he would rather chat about different things (guns, motorcycles, hockey) so the board doesn't hold his interest. Lastly, he's off the market, he doesn't need relationship support, and he's not an online chatter. He prefers to be doing things and is currently outside working on rebuilding a scooter.

    I think my husband's reasons, less the anti-VYM sentiment, are likely the typical reasons.
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    My guy isn't big for online things, he works all day 5 days a week sometimes 6 or 7 and the last thing he wants or I want when he gets home is to sit in front of a computer on a website. Another reason is because something like this wouldn't hold his interest, he has seen some of the things I have written and didn't give much of a reply to it. He is big on sports and life events and being with family and friends and me, anything like this doesn't faze him.

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    I quit posting when Erica and I split up. She was 23 and I'm 45. We are the victims of people's bigotry and ignorance. She has two small children. The kids father put her under so much pressure over us, she finally broke it off. He went as far as to threaten to take her kids away and to kill me. She's terrified of him so she let him win. So, I'm single again and have been for the last seven months. I did meet a new woman, also younger, but her father is going ballistic over us so I think it's over before it begins.

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    As much as I attempt to avoid categorization, I think it's just not the nature of most men to want or need to post about love and feelings publicly. (I know this seems redundant since Angel already said pretty much the same thing.)

    Joe knows I'm a member here, but his army life doesn't exactly leave him much spare time. When he gets those precious moments, he uses the time to play his guitar, watch sports, or take off for a couple days to the mountains with his buddies....and that's after the cleaning and laundry is done. I would say he has next to zero interest in being online, and when he does, it's to write a quick email or chat with me on Skype....the latter of which is his only online activity that takes up more than 10 minutes of his time.

    My observation is that women are the majority of forum posters on most dating sites as well. The guys are THERE and make occasional posts and comments, but not nearly in the same frequency as the ladies. So when I quit all the dating sites and started spending more time here, I wasn't surprised that most of the posters here are also ladies. Sometimes I wish they would post more, because I enjoy the male perspective too, but it probably doesn't bother me on the same level as you.

    Bottom's just a nature of the beast.

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    truckman Guest
    I would be willing to bet there are more women here than men, age being irrelevant.

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    It does not matter how old you are, you are not a YM, you are an OM, because your gf is younger than you.

    My husband does not post here because he is not interested in relationship support.

    He is interested in political debate, and sports.

    He says he hates moderators, by the way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Angel View Post
    It's a board about love and feelings and he would rather chat about different things (guns, motorcycles, hockey) so the board doesn't hold his interest..
    This is the big one.
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    Because at 43, I ain't really a younger man any more!

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    I just stopped posting, despite this place having some cool people. I post more on other forums so it fell by the wayside
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