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Thread: Any summer plans?

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    Any summer plans?

    What plans do you all have for the summer? Any vacation plans or summer projects? I am always wishing I could take a big vacation, but it's so expensive to get away that I just dream of it.

    If I could afford to, some of the places I'd like to go to include Ireland, Maine, Disney World, in no particular order.

    I'd also like to get a new fence for my yard, but after having to pay medical bills, my budget for my fence is slipping between my fingers. lol.

    What do you all have planned?

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    It's rainy season here. So nothing special... but we have plans for November, which will be the 10th anniversary of meeting in real life (we met online in May 10 yrs ago). In November we hope to take a Caribbean cruise, or maybe just domestic tourism. I want to go to Indiana for Christmas with Nick and my son.
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    No major summer plans. We'll be going to Salem, MA for a weekend again in October. I would love to take a big summer vacation, but it's definitely not in the budget. I would even love to just hit the beach for a full week.

    My boyfriend is into classic cars, so we spend a lot of time driving around in his '61 Pontiac going to car shows. We also just realized there's a drive-in nearby, so we'll be checking that out.
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    1)training my son's replacement service dog (his got poisoned last year) since this donated dog is a puppy

    2) packing my mother's huge amount of junk in prepartion of moving home to AZ

    3)Having a epically good time hanging out in August with my bestest best friend and lover before he goes back to home country

    4) maybe taking hunny to NY NY if he doesnt do so before I pick him up in MI.
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    I'm a teacher and have off in the summer which is like a vacation.

    In August we are going on a week long cruise around Canada, we did it a few years ago and loved it and decided to do it again this summer. Other than that, I plan on relaxing, getting some stuff around the house done and spending some much needed time with friends and family and my guy soaking up the sun and enjoying a nice 2 month break from the kids.
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    Well, I'm going to North Carolina sometime after the 15th of June. GI Joe has graduated from his drill sergeant training at Ft. Jackson today, and is back home in NC today. He still has to go back to work for 2 weeks at Ft. Bragg, but at least it will be a regular schedule and not those 15 hour days like he did at Ft. Jackson.

    June will be the highlight of my Summer....I can hardly wait!

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