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Thread: Ever won anything in a contest or such?

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    Ever won anything in a contest or such?

    So today turned out to be pretty good for my roommate. The other day he got this junk mail from classic chevrolet that had a list of big prizes like a car and such, you just had to go to the place. So I told him it was pointless but we went anyway and low and behold he managed to win $100, $5 wal mart gift card and a free car wash.

    All he had to do was spin this roulette wheel and then hit this golf ball and play putt putt on this carpet they had down and try to get it in the hole. Funny thing was you're only supposed to get two chances yet he was given a third and won. First shot he way over shot it, second shot he way under shot it, but the third try he got it. I was quite surprised.

    Anyone else win anything before?

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    Sure, I have won tons of stuff.
    The most remarkable - A bottle of rum when I was 8 yrs old in a game like Jeopardy on TV.
    Cash prizes in literary contests. I used to write poetry and short stories.
    Winnings at casinos when I was still a minor before they started asking for IDs.
    A dance contest got me another bottle of rum.
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    Sure. There was a period of time when I was entering contests everyday. I've won everything from vitamins to movie tickets. I went to a dance party a few weeks or so ago, entered a raffle, and won a bottle of Arbor Mist, which I found awesome despite the ironic fact that I don't drink.

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