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Thread: Closed Facebook

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    mskitty Guest

    Closed Facebook

    I was just wondering how everyone feels about Facebook? I closed mine due to privacy issues. With all the internet crime and identity theft I feel that Facebook is a prime target for that type of crime.

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    Mebel's Avatar
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    A few years ago I had a Hyves account, just a simple way to stay in touch with family and old friends.
    Since then everyone left that place for FB.
    FB never held any appeal for me, so I do not have a FB account. Don't miss it.
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    I don't use facebook, it really doesn't appeal to me. I started an account a few years ago out of curiosity but realised it wasn't for me. I hadn't really ever considered the whole potential identity theft angle though.

    I can see how useful it is for finding people that want to be found though as my best friend found her first love on there and they fell in love again, and another friend of mine used it to find a group of people he used to hang out with 30 years ago. For this i think its a good thing but i personally have no use for it.

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    So not into fb. I also opened an account to see what it's all about a few years ago. And that's it.

    Still receiving the email notifications, though. And I don't want to log in in order to stop them. So, a few months ago, I received about fifteen friend requests from high school classmates. Really? How did they all suddenly want to be my friend?
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    gorillagirl Guest
    FB is an amazing way to keep in touch with family and friends. The ads are getting out of control and the privacy settings are getting more difficult to manage. That said, it's possible to keep a FB page very private without ads and I don't think identity theft from FB is an issue. Only idiots would buy services via FB (like food for virtual cows on Farmville) requiring a credit card.

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    I have an account, but I don't ever post anything except an occasional pic of the kid for the relatives to see, maybe once a year lol. Don't ever post status updates or say where I'm at (like I have people on there who check in like everywhere they go, annoying!) or anything. People from school have friended me on there, some of em that were always ******* so I don't get it but whatever. It's good for the out-of-state relatives I guess. I don't really talk to anyone on there though. I do look to see what other people post though, check in and see every few days just out of boredom/curiosity I guess

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    Air is offline Senior Member
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    I have an account just to keep in touch with people or find people but don't post status updates or say where I'm at. I'm kind of a private person that likes integrity and really don't even think my friends are interested in what I'm doing every day. I'm ambivalent about security questions on internet, but still don't think that FB is worse than any other internet place concerning identity theft or internet crime, you just to be aware yourself of what to do and for instance handle your credit card.
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    When facebook first started I thought it was amazing. I got to catch up with old friends I hadn't seen in a long time. I thought it was really cool. Of course over time I saw that friendships, relationships even families would have drama and fall apart because of facebook posts. I cannot stand when I read status' about people's private personal lives (cheating spouse or what not) I honestly feel that is NOT something to post for the world to see (especially children). I do not like people putting their kids pics on the internet. I feel there are too many sick people in the world. I know that people have lost their jobs because of things they have said.

    I have an account still but it is very private and the friends are limited. I have close family, friends and people I add are people I know in my real life. I do not put pictures on the internet. I work with children and I do not see parents or co workers seeing my weekend activities or reading my personal business. Status updates are very limited ) (thank you for the birthday wishes), wall posts are bare minimum (wishing others a happy birthday or what not) my relationship is not on facebook. My family and friends know of us and I don't need to advertise it.

    I use it mostly for private messaging close friends and just seeing what others are up to. I don't put my life out there and honestly wounder why so many people do but I admit to being the type to read there the newsfeed seeing what they have to say.
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    I have a facebook account that I rarely visit. When I opened it, it quickly filled up with friend requests from my old school mates and I accepted quite a few, later realizing that they were not my friends while in high school why would I want to be their friend now??? I did find a namesake (my name is very rare) and I sent her a message but she never replied.
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    legallyblonde Guest
    I had an account for my soon to be journalist name. I don't think I'm going to use my real one. And then I also have a real one. I had one family fight because of fb issues. I am a friend collector on FB, so I don't know half of the people on it. I had to delete one guy for cursing and abusing someone else, on his own timeline, but because I read others timelines, it was on mine too. Does that make sense? I find that fb is a lot of busywork. I don't particularly care for it, preferring the anonymity of a handle online. Also, I have an unusual name. I found someone with it in a southwest state, that I'd never seen online before and I Google myself a lot to make sure no one plays games. I've had people play games with me online already at least three times that I know of, never found out who did it, and I always wound up with problems because of it. Sigh. The Internet and my real identity are for me to know and that's all, as far as I'm concerned.


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    Apropos of this topic, here's an excellent article about quitting Facebook.
    The author says that she can now be reached by carrier pigeon.

    Shambhala Sun - Why I Quit Facebook (July 2013)
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    I use FB all the time. I do not share anything personal. It was a blessing finding people for a class reunion. If someone has too much drama on there, I delete them. I play 1 game, WORDS with friends, and I play it with people I have met on forums from all over the world. I did not use my home town as my friends all know where I live and I do not post when I go somewhere to eat or where I am any other time. I have my settings as private as I can. No one can tag me without my ok, in pics.
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    Like most everyone else who posted in this thread, I have fb and use it rarely. It's invaluable in putting together reunions of family members and classmates, and staying in occasional contact with friends I don't see often. It's also an easy way to share photos with many people at once, which is why I opened a fb acct in the first place--to share photos of events with the students who participated.

    It irritates me that every time I figure out how to configure my fb privacy settings, fb admin changes the way they do things.

    I've recently used fb more frequently, to keep people updated regarding the grumpy guy's health.

    I think people need to be far more careful about whom they friend and what they post on fb, particularly the jokes they share and the candid photos they pose for & post.

    I don't use the fb apps; they're a good way to get computer viruses.

    I have my browser set to not allow popups and cookies. That takes care of some of the ads.

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    Never opened an FB account and don't intend to
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    Ashley20 is offline Member
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    never had one,never wanted one,don't have the time for one.guess i'm just so not cool!
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