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Thread: Seeking Older-Younger Couples for Cable Docu-Series

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    Seeking Older-Younger Couples for Cable Docu-Series

    Hey, folks!

    I am a Casting and Development Producer at Sharp Entertainment, an NYC-based television production company contracted to produce programming for major cable networks.

    My colleagues and I are currently working on a fantastic new docu-series that will feature age-gap couples involved in and fighting to sustain relationships against the approval of friends and family. Apart from educating audiences about this delicate matter, the series aims to give couples the stimulus and opportunity to achieve peace of mind and prove that genuine love is worth fighting for. Monetary compensation and recurring television exposure is guaranteed for all chosen candidates, likely in addition to the expert counseling of relationship therapists.

    If you think you may fit the bill and are interested in learning more, please contact Include your name, contact information and a brief description of your 'forbidden relationship,' and an associate will be in touch!
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    Hello Danielle, my husband and I have a 21 year gap, and we have been very fortunate of never facing any rejection from friends or family, but that is far from universal. Good luck on your series.
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