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Thread: Stepping Down Officially From Administrator Role

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    Stepping Down Officially From Administrator Role

    Well, folks.... after 12 years on the site, almost to the date (I registered June 21, 2003), and after 11 years as a mod, and about 8 or 9 as site administrator (lost count lol), I am stepping down as administrator. I am ready to move on to other things. I am focusing more on my family, my career, and myself.

    When I first joined, I was a shy lurker, and then somehow I became the most prolific poster on the site. Hoping someone else will take over that title now.

    I am leaving with loads of memories, some good, some bad, but I have no regrets. The site served its purpose to me during my years in my OW/YM relationship, but that has been over for a few years, and now the site is just a painful reminder of that. So, time to move on.

    I keep in touch with many of you on facebook, so will "see" you there.

    I want to thank SLK for stepping up and serving as moderator on my team. She has been a huge help to me over the years, so thanks, SLK!

    And I want to thank NY10 for first stepping up into the mod role, and now, replacing me as the site administrator. I know she will do a great job! Thanks so much, NY10. Call me anytime.

    I want to thank Theadmin, who represents the site owners. He has been a tremendous support to me over the years and has been awesome to work with.

    I wish all of you members the very best. Thank you for all your contributions to the site and for doing your part in supporting members who come here seeking AGR support and advice.

    I know the site has slowed down A LOT since its hey day, but remember that it is a GOOD thing that people in AGRs no longer need as much support/advice as they used to about 10 or more years ago.

    Take care everyone!!

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    I'm new and didn't know you. But still want to bid a fond farewell. And hope your future is wonderful and you keep the best memories from here always.
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    see ya around! *H* thanks for the memories! they rock.
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    See you around, Katrina, thank you for working for Ageless for so many years, with so much wisdom. Also thanks for trusting me as a moderator, I enjoyed it, and like you, I stepped down, in my case, mostly for technical reasons (I do not always have access to Internet).

    Big hug and don't become a stranger to Ageless, you still have friends here.
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    You know it's love when the pain of being apart is greater than the pain of being together.

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    Thank you for all the time you gals put in.
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    Life is short, Live it with all your heart, love and passion.

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    Special Something Waiting For you ... :)

    I just know there is something special waiting for you on the "other side". There always is for people who put so much energy in to help so many people like you have for all this time.

    I wish you well, happiness and most of all love ... you have been an amazing moderator!!!

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