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Thread: How Did You Let Him Know

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    How Did You Let Him Know

    This is about my own personal situation and I was wondering what some of the woman here think. When it comes to a younger man how did you first show that you were interested in him? Also, did he respond at first or did it take time before he noticed?

    I don't want to go into too many details about myself but i would like some insight on this from those who know.

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    Hi and welcome.

    The first younger man I was involved with had made it quite clear that he liked me (it hadn never occurred to me before that to even look at younger men), and after an evening in the pub with him and other work colleagues, I sent him a text message on my way home letting him know in no uncertain terms that I was interested. He thought I was taking the mickey out of him at first, a text conversation ensued which lasted the weekend, and there we were. I prefer to be unambiguous. The subsequent younger men I have been involved with I met on dating sites so there everyone is quite clear what the interest is (I'm now married to a man 24 years younger than me who I've been with over 4 years). That's as much detail as I'm prepared to give to someone I know nothing about. Hope it helps.
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    Nick and I met in a chat room, and friendship developed over a few months. Since we kept going to the same chat room and hooking up to chat, we both showed interest.

    I do not think I have ever expressed interest in a man in real life, I let them take the initiative. I think that in the case of a younger man, I would take the initiative even less.
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    I didn't exactly "let him know'.

    I had a crush on him for months, he'd seen me, and had been interested, but knew I was married (He didn't know my whole situation) then at a department dinner, we all (our friend group) drank a lot, and wound up at a local bar, where another person was making passes at me. I asked him for help, and all of a sudden we were kissing...

    I guess the kiss removed any doubt as to my interest.

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