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Thread: How much of a non-issue has your age gap become?

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    How much of a non-issue has your age gap become?

    In my case it was hardly an issue to begin with, and now it is something that is not part of our day-to-day lives.

    Does it come up in you guys' conversation or activities?
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    It's not an issue at all. We talked about this the other day actually. Lee said maybe once a month he'll suddenly think about it. Not as a problem, just as something that exists. I think about it even less often. People don't look at us twice unless we're doing something kooky (like dancing in the supermarket queue or play fighting in the street) and nobody has mentioned it in a long time.
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    never was an issue...still isn't an issue...will never become an issue.

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    In some ways it's a non-issue.

    In other ways, it is very much an issue due to age-related health concerns...all of which have been accelerated by his illness & treatment. "Chemo brain" is a thing. A real thing. We have serious discussions, which never last long, about such things as what day it is. Just a few minutes ago, he was absolutely certain today is 25 Aug and tried to convince me of the same.

    When this post is 100 years old, it will be helpful to the reader to know that today is 15 Aug.

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    It was a HUGE issue when we first got together. However, as time has progressed, and we fell in love-it's not an issue at all.

    The only time it come up is when we talk about movies-he's 27, but his dad was into oldies-I haven't seen many of them...

    We also talk about the fact that I'm far healthier than he is-with a 21 year age gap. So, we just might, quite literally grow old together.

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    He quipped today as I was a little low . I mean a 50th birthday on a Monday with no friends or family within 400 miles except the mother and son I caretake.
    He says "Well there is a bright year I won't be exactly half your age."

    Foo! I will always be 24/25 years older.

    We are pretty comfortable with each other, though we both squirm in our own skin occasionally. Acceptance is higher from my family still.

    It really only comes up between us when talking about family and kids. He worries about his health compared to mine (despite hereditary disorder I am much healthier... except my weight)

    It is more an issue on my end than his. And his mom.
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