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Thread: AGR's not longer noteworthy (at least OM/YW & in UK politics)

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    AGR's not longer noteworthy (at least OM/YW & in UK politics)

    There has been a lot of media coverage here (UK) around the election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party (the main opposition party). I noticed that in all the detailed coverage of Corbyn's politics, personal views and even childhood, and some material about his wife (who runs a business importing fair trade coffee from Mexico), there has been no comment at all about he and his wife having a 20-year age gap (she is the younger).

    It's nice to see that a 20-year AGR is either not considered odd or not considered of public interest, although I do wonder if a 20 year OW/YM relationship would have attracted more attention.


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    Good point, but as you mention, if it had been a OW/YM relationship it had probably been much more criticized. European cultures have a long tradition of OM/YW marriages, so in most areas is not much noticeable. My parents were one of these with a 14 years old gap, living in a conservative rural background, and nobody even noticed as it was not uncommon at all.

    So in that UK case, I guess the conservatives don't really care about the gap since they don't look at it as an uncommon feature, and the left doesn't care because they use to generally be a bit more supportive on personal freedom issues than the right does.

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    I've noticed there is a lot more judgement about Older Man x Younger Woman relationships these days.

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