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Thread: your opinion

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    your opinion

    is 19yr years guy still a teenager

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twiss View Post
    is 19yr years guy still a teenager
    By definition such a guy would be a teenager. The United Nations requires a person to be 25 before he/she is considered an adult. But in real life, it all depends on the degree of maturity, life experiences, commitment. There are 19 yr olds that are mature, and there are 30 yr olds that are immature.
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    Yes. Nine-teen. So obviously a teenager.

    If you're asking is 19 an adult, then that very much depends on a fair few factors - mainly where in the world you live and the individual's level of maturity. I'm not sure if there is anywhere where over 18s are not considered to be legally adults in some or all respects.

    My husband was 22 when I met him (and I was 46) but he was the oldest young person I'd ever met, and very mature in lots of ways (not so much in some others, but that's everyone!).
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    Yes, anything-teen is a teenager. But obviously maturity varies by individual, if that's what you're asking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Twiss View Post
    is 19yr years guy still a teenager
    Literally, yes. A teenager is a person whose age in years ends with the suffix 'teen', i.e. a person aged 13 to 19.

    Why does it matter?
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    Yes but at the end of their teen years.

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